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Sorting Clothes = Motivation


Loving the Cambridge Diet
I have been going through my clothes again, albeit to find my Winter boots!

I have to say that I find it a very cathartic experience, literally clearing out of the old 'me' and finding the new.

It is very motivational too - you see just how far you have come. I know we have the scales and the weigh-ins but sometimes we don't believe what we see in the mirror. Trying on the too-big clothing definitely works, for me anyway.

I have also found all sorts I can now wear

Found stuff I forgot I had

Had a great hour or so, so far!

Having a rest and a cup of coffee for now!

Hope everyone has a clearout along the way - don't wait until you are down to goal to do it!

I have been amazed how much effect the clearing out process has had on me. The principles of Feng Shui say that getting rid of stuff is cleansing to the soul - I think that they might just have a point
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Back to the grindstone!!
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Oh you are soo right!!
I almost slipped up last night, wandering round the supermarket seeing what I could have to eat. I didn't have anything and when I got home I decided to try on a few items of clothing which didn't fit the last time I looked at them and I managed to get into both dresses and one of them, well, I made it years ago and it never did fit me!! I now can not only get into it but I can do it up and boy, even if I say so myself, do I look good in it!!!
The best ego boost I could possibly have given myself and it has put me well and truly back on track so that I can wear the dress at christmas and shock everyone!!!!
I can't wait to see their faces!


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I have just spent a couple of hours this morning doing this. I now feel elated. I have only lost about 9lbs but the difference in me is amazing. I'm soooo happy!!


Loooooves MiniMins
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Can't wait till I'm at that stage, seeing a difference in clothes and getting rid of frumpy ones :) Bring it on!
I've just tried on my wedding underwear. I got married four years ago and did ww before and got down to 15 stone which is the lightest I can remember being after leaving school. I did it up, just looked all muffin topped and bottomed but now that's my mini goal, get into it and show hubby, we were both slightly worse for wear when we got back to the hotel and I just stripped and fell into bed so he didn't get his money's worth. I've got a two and a few pounds to go before I'm that weight again but this diet seems to knock the inches off better than others as I'm in a loose 22 or tight 20 at 17 and a few stone, and I'm sure I was still in an 18/20 at 15 stone, strange...................


Back to the grindstone!!
S: 16st9lb C: 16st4lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 43.1 Loss: 0st5lb(2.15%)
Dutch, you are right, this VLCD lark does seem to shift the pounds off differently from any other diet I have done, and been there done that with most!
I still have a bit of a tummy which always used to be the first thing to dissapear before but saying that I don't mind as I now have slimmer thighs than I have had in a very long time and my bingo wings are definetly shrinking. Winner. The weight seems to come off more uniform than with other plans and that's got to be a good thing.

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