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SOS Help please need support


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Im on day 12 and up until now been 100% on plan, but today I just want to binge eat. I have had a couple of slices of ham on top of 3/4 of my packs but Im finding it so hard not to have a proper blow out!!!!! silly as it sounds Im trying to keep busy cooking for the family (yes I know it doesnt make sense!). Can some one just give me a kick please, :cry:
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Come on hun!! You've nearly done 2 weeks!!! You'll be doing your weigh in in a few days. You don't want to ruin it :( maybe eat another pack today. Or have some extra protein. Have a nice omelette or chicken? Xxx
Have an extra glass of water straight away, it will fill you up a bit, I would also say go and tidy a room or make the beds, clean the bathroom, go for a walk anything to stop you from eating. Remember it will take you a few days to get back into ketosis so it will not be worth it.

You have done really well to get this far!!!! keep it up.


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You can do this u have do it, we are all going to have have days when we want to eat just for the sake of eating, to deal with stress etc, just think of if you eat your going to lose all that hard work u have done. Try and do something else that doesn't involve food like walking, bath etc something that helps u deal with those days you feel like going aaaahhhh rather than reaching for food. It's mind over matter

Good luck xxxx


Amusing Title.
just imagine how awesome it will feel when you next weigh in, and could quite possibly hit the next stone bracket!


i will be a yummy mummy
Are we allowed ham I feeling rubbish and could do with something like that
Think so but has to be lean and part of your 100g daily allowance

mytimetoshine said:
Think so but has to be lean and part of your 100g daily allowance

Where do we find what we can have seems like there are lots if things I wasn't aware of ?
Is there a list somewhere ?

Ham & eggs I didn't no about my plan was to have my 3 products and chicken or fish no veg coz in not keen YUK !

I saw it on a thread on here somewhere! Il try and hunt it down xx
Can't find it now but it's the fact sheet you get from slim and save listing all your veg you can have and protein.


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I have been dying to eat today too so you are not alone... I have felt so hungry all day.
I made some cakes/bready/biscuity things with the porridge pack and they were really nice but still feel starving :( I also had one egg + 4 packs and lots of water. Just can't seem to satisfy myself... Maybe it is something to do with the moon?
Omg so sorry must have misread!!!!!

Twiowl said:
You can't have ham! U cAn have 100g chicken breast, turkey, tuna, salmon or any White fish also 2 eggs
Have a route In my box mayb it's in there . Thankyou

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