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Your all going to get sick of me soon:D but i just wanted to get peoples views on the chicken soup, is it nice?.
When i got my supplies yesturday i only got strawberry milkshake coz i thought thats all id like but i hate it i know il get use to it but i was wondering what the soup was like?
Im going to go back to my chemist soon and change my strawberry and try some others so i just wanted to know before i went.
Also they tryed selling me some breath freshner yesturday but isnt it easier and cheaper just to keep brushing your teeth all day?:D
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hate the soup! I love the shakes tho...I think am used to them..dunno someone alse might have a different opinion!


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hate the soup too and love the shakes too :D

But everyone is different. I would advise you get 1 of each (not the coconut flapjack :D ) and try them all.
I must be really weird but i actually like the soup! Maybe something to do with being a vegetarian and just miss the taste of meat - do chickens actually taste like that???!! Can't bear the strawberry shake though, far too sweet for me.

Choc shake i thought was really nice when done in the blender with some crushed ice - same for the vanilla. As long as the water is really, really cold they're surprisingly nice!!

Hope you find something you like. Maybe try the choc one as a mousse if you get some - the instructions are on the bag.



Otherwise known as Jools
I'm weird as I like everything at the moment :D yes even the flapjacks.

I usually have the shakes with a couple of sweeteners and really ice cold water, and a couple of icecubes chucked into - yummy :D

With the flapjacks I have them with a large cup of hot sweet coffee.

The soup I make up with a little teeny bit of cold water first and then add the hot water later and just blend like mad for about 30s and its rather nice and quite comforting. Other people in the house love the smell of it.

Good luck and you will soon find which is your fave but ditto above you really should try all at least once.
to be honest you should just try it for yourself as we are all different. but get one sachet in case you don'#t like it.

you may find you like different tastes as your LT journey progresses. so if you don'#t like it now then try it in 6 weeks or so and you might like it then. ditto any of the shakes. and flapjack.

oh and as far as i am aware there are no breath fresheners you can have (other than the mouthwashes, original listerine, and corsodyl). but no drops/sprays etc. so yeah cheaper to brush your teeth and definitely don't forget to brush your tongue and keep flossing as well.


A little of everything!
My pharmacist 'made' (strongly advised) me to get some of everything in my first week so I could make up my own mind as everyones tastes are so different- it was the best thing I did! I personally loved the soup, and gradually ended up with only the choc shakes (with soup & flapjacks for variety). I got some listerine strips from my local chemist, but also carried a small travel listerine in my bag too.
arghhh cant stand the flapjacks !!lbut loved the chicken soup felt like i was actually eating summing with a spoon with black pepper divine had it everynite 4 12 wks then got sick ov it lol n pepper mint chocolate shake also divine which is wot i have everynite now every1 has there way not a lover ov the vanilla its bearabe mixed with coffee n strawberrys also 2 sweet for me !!try em all then ur know 4 urself x i only ever had 1 flapjack coz every1 talking bout em mm never again !!Xx
you're gonna have to try it :) personally i make it with salt and pepper and its really comforting and tasty... the strawb shakes are probably my least favorite; i love hot chocolate, and the vanilla made as a latte.... i am DYING to try the flapjacks, grr stupid pharmacy!
So yes, get a couple of soups to try!! you could add a small sprinkle of chilli powder.
think it's a manufacturing issue with the flapjacks - i've asked after them for 4/5 weeks now - there was a bad/mouldy batch.

Also, not meant to add anything to the soup - and DEFINITELY not salt - well done if you keep losing though polly :)
OMG I love the soup cant get enough of it , and now it has gone a bit cold its lovley to have a hot bowl of soup for tea yummmmmmyyy , i just add a dash of pepper which ive been told your allowed to do

Personally I really enjoy the soup. With a little peper it is really quite tasty. I've also been making my choc shake with lodsa ice and a spoon of coffee- whipped up in the smoothie machine it tastes really special. One confession though, I do pour it into a Stella Artois glass and drink it with a straw- old habits eh?
AVOID!! Only kidding. Try it, when I first had it I thought Mmmm, not so bad. Then as the days went on, the very smell of it turned me and I ended up having a rant to the ladies on here who talked me down from the ledge!
But as said before, we're all different so you may as well try everything. I was convinced I would hate the strawberry shakes but they're actually my fav now!
I absolutely hated the chicken soup but i dont like chicken soup in general. I think a straw is a godsent. No matter which one you choose the first week goes easier when you have a straw to drink your shakes.
i just add a dash of pepper which ive been told your allowed to do

fair enough, it was LT helpline that said no pepper - so i've always stuck to that once i found that out.

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