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Urgh....so im not handlin the soups very well atm. I kind of like the veg and mushroom ones....but hate the other 2. I checked out the nutritional values in a cup-a-soup....and they are very similar so im gonna have one of those sometimes to vary.

Its just a shame exante dont allow us to send back the ones we dotn like (lol) cos now im gonna have a good few things left that i cant stomach...grr

So decided....im gonna have 2 shakes a day, and then either a veg or mushroom soup or a cupa-soup. The bars as usual i'll have about 2 a week xx
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i dont think we would find anyone who wants to take on the tomato! LOL
I love the tomato soup! I put chilli and garlic flakes in it and its soo nice! I would willlingly take everyone's tomato and give them shakes instead. I love the bars the toffee on best. I would actually buy these and eat them for breakfast every day as they are so handy. I travel for work and have eaten these in some funny places. I love the soups -all really but I am only ok with shakes. Ive got the hnag off them with a boots shaker and by putting in ice but sometimes I just don't feel like them. (although they have been handy when travelling -I had one on the train the other day!)
LOL me to
Is there an official reason why we're not allowed a swaps thread on here? Is it to do with swapping addresses or the risks of people not sending things?

I can understand it I guess, but it does seem a shame as sounds as if there is definitely lots of people who would like to, and would be a way of people being able to order the bumper packs and save money, whilst swapping the flavours they don't like.
I was trying to figure out how to sent a PM but I couldnt, if we did it privately I cant see a problem, now I see why selling and say putting them on ebay isnt allowed as you dont know the person (ok I know you dont on here but atleast you have some idea who they are and know they are going through the same thing)
I think its a great idea as many of us buy the bumper packs for cost reasons (otherwise I couldnt afford it for sure and exante would lose me as a customer as I cant afford £200 a month) and this way we can maybe swap some of the ones we dont like so much and then exante will keep more customers longer - WIN WIN!

I am lucky the only one I dont like is tomato but I still got 6 I want to swap for pretty much anything else
I had tomato soup again tonight it was lovely. It felt like a lovely tasty hot meal. You need to make it right in a pot and then add chilli and garlic flakes from a make called natural clear grinder -its about 1.50 in the shops and you'll soon be converted. The thai one is also pretty yummy with a bit of something added.

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