spaced out


so I'm about 30 hours into this, and I'm feeling a little light-headed today. I assume that's normal? Does it pass, as I'm not really sure I can put up with this for several months :)

Perhaps cycling into town at lunchtime was not the wisest thing to do at this stage.

Other thing is that I keep reading that headaches come in the first day or so... are those still to come or does not everyone get them?


Cycling into town may be responsible for your lightheadedness - take things easy, and listen to your body.

Not everyone gets the headaches, but some people do. Can be anytime from day 1 through to roughly day 4. Well done on getting this far ;)
Hi, I felt lightheaded for the first week - and very tired for the first three weeks. I was quite concerned but then it did pass. I do have less energy on SS. But not so bad to stop.

And I think limit the exercise at least for the first week until you have got used to it.
Yes I was very light headed for the first few days and occassionally I am now. Lots of exercise may not be a good idea. Try gentle things and see how you get on, you can always increase it again later ! My blood pressure has also dropped quite a bit and this makes me a bit dizzy and lightheaded at times but my GP said this was ok, just my body getting used to it.
Hi there

It should pass quite quickly, as already mentioned you need to take it easy over the first few weeks as your body adapts to it's new regime.

Everyone is different, but most people struggle a bit during the first week, but it does get easier - honest. Once I got into ketosis, took me about 6 days, I felt really good & all my hunger went away.

All the best
That's all reassuring, thanks everyone! I think also I didn't drink quite as much water today as I ought to. Finding it a bit hard to switch to that from drinking coffee (I assume it's ok to drink that??)

Need to bear the old cycling thing in mind, maybe best to take it easy for a few more days!

Well the feeling of wooziness disappeared late last night, so that was good. Woke up with a storming headache at 7am this morning. An asprin, glass of water and a vanilla shake later I felt much better.

Today I just feel really tired, like I've been up on my feet for 18 hours, but sounds like that will pass soon!

Still don't appear to have the bad breath. Is that a sign i'm not burning the fat yet? Either that or I've always had bad breath and can't tell the difference :)

I'm itching to weigh myself, but thought I'd wait until next week when I'm back seeing my counsellor for the official weigh-in.

Sorry for all the questions, this is my first time doing something like this!

Some people get keto breath, some people don't. You can find you get keto-wee (yum :rolleyes: ) - generally speaking you'll be in ketosis by day 4! :D
Feeling Good

Well this is good, since about yesterday afternoon I haven't really felt hungry at all. In fact last night I felt full enough to not really want that last meal, but finally had it about 10PM.

Even took a pack of mince pies round to a friend's house and didn't get tempted to eat one myself.

Official weigh-in not until Wednesday, but I have already noticed that my belt does up two notches tighter.

So, to everyone that said this would get easier, you're right, and to anyone that's not made it this far, stick with it, it's worth it!

Still don't have the bad breath, which is nice :)

well done on sticking with it the first week is definately the hardest, though my legs ached whenever I had to walk more than around the house, that too passed.

2 notches on your belt......good feeling eh !
Well done you for getting through those first few days.

It really does get easier. I am now in week 2 and it just feels like part of my life now and the results on the scales next WI will be worth every bit I promise :)