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    I have decide to try CC and joined MFP today. My OH does all the cooking and is making a spagetti bolognese for tea. He makes it from scratch with tinned toms, garlic, mushrooms, peppers and mince and he occasionally sticks some other veg like courgette or carrot in there. Do you know roughly how many calories I should account for just the sauce and for how much? I can weigh the pasta when I get home. Only decided to do this this morning, being trying SW for a while, so no time to work it out and it'll be cooked when I get home!

    Thanks in advance.
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    An average tin of chopped tomatoes is about 80/90 depending on brand, mushrooms are about 5 each (average, obviously varies a bit by size), a clove of garlic is 5, peppers depend on colour and size, but 100g of green is around 25-30, mince will vary hugely depending if it's lean or not, do you know which type he uses?

  4. Browsie

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    Oh I don't know I don't venture into the kitchen much at all!! Thanks for the info though I'll try and work it out. X

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