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spaghetti bolognaise!!!!!

I would have thought that would make it too close to real food wouldn't it? I mean the whole point is that we're abstinant from food, and surely by having spag bog it'll be the same as normal food?
hi my llc told us about it as well. it is coming although she is very dubious about it as she also thinks the whole point of ll is to get us out of the habit of eating food. she's not sure what it will be like - it has to be low carb but she thought maybe like a pot noodle.

not sure how i feel about it - it would be nice to get more variety and something to chew but a few of us also said we quite like just having the shakes or soups as it stops us thinking about it as food and that seems to help.

the llc also said there's going to be lots of other changes so a buddy system will be put in place and that we are the last group where we will all go through the 14 weeks together. from the next lot, people will be able to join in at other times so the group will change and be assigned a buddy who has either been doing ll for longer or who has finished. it's a bit like having a sponsor if you join OA.
I think I would like to try it, hey for variety if nothing else, but if it started messing with my head too much I'd stop..
Wow, with porridge for brekkie, spag bog for dinner it'd almost be like having a normal day's meals.. not that I normally have porridge of course!
Buddy system sounds good actually! Help the maintainers to keep focused and maintain their weight, and losers to lose.
yes definitely worth trying and i suppose we have to go back to food eventually so maybe it will help us.

very good point re buddy system helping people who are maintaining. makes complete sense and i could see how that would help.
spag bol pack? eeeeeeew. I'll pass on that one thanks!

I definatly think that it would be too close to real f00d, the porridge is a bit close for my liking but spag bol would be a step too far I reckon.

But, if it helps people, then why not?


Making it all add up
Yup, not for me. I 'like' not eating at the moment, but as I get closer to RTM it could be a really useful addition.

The new system sounds much like the men's groups where people are joining all the time so there's a real mix of experience in the group which I really like. We don't have 'buddys' but then real men don't do support!


...we're sinking deeper.
I'm thinking that SpagBol would probably be really manky... Unless it's like a cup-soup with little tiny noodles or some such? ... Not sure about the idea to be perfectly honest. While the shakes do make me feel a little isolated from the 'real' world - they do make me think about how real food affects me because I pick up on my craving, wanting, etc and can assess it. ... If a foodpack resembled real food it sort of defeats that aspect in a way. Many people have done LL purely with shakes, more flavours would be nice, but ... spag bol personally is a step too far. :/

As for the buddy system - not sure it would work because sometimes women run in and run out with their packs because they have other commitments - so that week one half of the buddy pair would be all alone... Sometimes people drop out due to other factors etc... But mixed experience groups like the Men have are quite good I think but only after Foundation due to all the 'Counselling' information that we get.
not sure about this i have not heard anything to be honest and yeah i would agree with PB the whole point is to stay away from food....hmmm so how do we explain porridge lol
Not heard anything about that, don't fancy the idea really.

Our group is a mixed group and it's fab, it's really useful to hear from people who are further on than you.

Emma xXx


...we're sinking deeper.
not sure about this i have not heard anything to be honest and yeah i would agree with PB the whole point is to stay away from food....hmmm so how do we explain porridge lol
Porridge.. I guess a lot of people don't even have porridge every day, or even every week - it's not a regular food item, that's why I think it works. Plus it's not far off what I can do with my own foodpack anyway, get some hot water, mix in a couple of sweetners and a chocolate sachet... tastes like microwavable Ready-Brek to me...!
I'm not sure about the buddy system I'm afraid. I like the closed group system - especially when you're talking about personal stuff. It also means you know that everyone there is going through exactly the same thing as you - which is what I thought the point was. Sure it's nice to have an "old timers" view point but I can see so many problems with that system - people dropping out, personality clashes, other commitments and people don't want to be "forced" to share with just another person.

Call me cynical but I think this is just an attempt by LL to garner more clients for LLCs (and subsequently themselves). Afterall if you close a group and people drop out you are losing all that revenue of £66 per person per week and can't get more revenue until the 14 weeks is up.

Clever business wise but against the reason I joined LL in the first place :(
I guess it's down to personal tastes.
I love that us blokes get an "open" group, having new people turn up at the meetings is great from my POV, it's nice to be able to impart when you've learnt so far to new people, and seeing their newfound enthusiams and astonishments at their own initial (so often larger!) losses rubs off on you as well and makes you remember how you felt those first few weeks (the good parts, anyway!)

I can see why closed groups have an appeal though, I guess it's just down to individuals - I'll tell anyone who wants to know almost anything about myself; there's no secrets left about me anymore! :D :p


...we're sinking deeper.
From personal experience... I DO remember NOT liking old-timers drop by during my Foundation Weeks. There were some Developers running in late to get their packs, I just felt more ashamed of myself and where I was at that point with them around. But maybe that's just me.
There are far less men doing this I guess so Open Groups for them are a good idea, plus what they share probably isn't so devastatingly embarassing (at least in their minds) as it is for us women. For a woman to admit she has an eating problem, to admit that we've eaten in secret etc etc ... well that takes guts and personally I liked it being kept inbetween a stable group of us who were slowly realising the same things.
Oh wait. I thought that they'd still have closed group like we do now, but then buddy you up as well? For extra support throughout the week?
i think it would be open group - i suspect whoever said this is about making more money is right. basically new people could join into existing groups if someone drops out - i think. personally i don't like the idea as we've only just started to trust each other and get to know each other and if there's a new person then you have to go through the whole thing again and we've already had a few new people and i think it's made us slower on the cbt stuff.

anyway we shouldn't be affected as i think it's only for people joining later then us.

worth asking your llc about it as ours was a little bit hazy about it all.
I'd be happy to try the spag bol. The one thing I'm certain of is that I'm actually ready NOW to tackle my food issues properly. Counselling does nothing whatsoever for me now, I'm going to skip most of the sessions now. But I can't start tackling them till rtm, which is a shame. (not beyond what the "counselling" does - which is to be honest veyr lightweight, repetitive, and can't be targetted to an individual).

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