Spanish Inquisition about ketostix


Loves VLCD's !
Hi CDers.
As I will be changing from LL to CD soon I thought I better buy myself some ketostix as I won't be issued with one every week anymore :)

I had read other threads about what price to expect to pay etc and went to Boots yesterday and asked for some............oh boy, I got cross examined !

Are you on one of "those" diets ?
How much weight have you lost ?
When did you start ?
Does your doctor know ?

On and on it went. Having managed to convince the inquisitor that I was genuine I was pleased that they were £5.30 - seemed reasonable.

But do I have to go through this every time ?:eek:

I mean if I looked anorexic I could see why she might have been suspicious but with over 3 stone to go, no way !:D
You can buy on line Avidlite Ketone Test Strips

I find it strange as they do have a lot of similar diet products on their shelf which testify to being low calorie.:confused:

You can buy them in other chemists as well.

Love Mini xxx
I know it's a bit naughty but after being cross examined myself, when they ask I say no I'm getting them for my dad as he is diabetic!
Which he is but I'm not strictly buying them for him!
Thanks, I am (or should I say was - BG around 4.5 every morning :p :D ) diabetic. Someone suggested before that diabetics should get them on prescription but I could never work that out as I have never been prescribed them, can't see why I would ? Maybe its something type 1 diabetics have ? Anyway its a good tactic !

Otherwise if I get the hassle nextime I think it might be more comfortable to buy online :eek: Thanks for the link Mini !
Your CDC may well stock them too Mel as they are available for Counsellors to buy from Cambridge and he/she won't give you the Spanish Inquisition:p
I thought that I might get questioned on them when I bought them from Boots but they never said anything to me. it's none of their business. But if they do ask if my doc knows I will just say yes and he's happy with me losing weight. But I haven't seen my doc! lol!!

I suppose they're just doing their job, but I can't see why they have to ask.
Boots do tend to quiz me when i buy them from there. I was told to stop CD as soon as the sticks turned ANY of the pink i just said yeah ok..agreed to whatever and she grudgingly sold me them! i just buy them off ebay now. you can get them fairly cheap on there.
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It sounds as of Boots staff have been trained to quiz ketostix buyers but that they aren't really sure of their facts or what advice to issue ! Never mind we can humour them or buy on-line !