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Sparkly's super slide to skinny!!!


Doing this for last time

I'm not a new avatar on the forums, but have had a few weeks off, and have restarted today. I love reading other peoples' diaries, so thought I might start one to keep my fingers busy and out of the biscuit tin, as well as being somewhere for me to vent and sort out the issues that have led to this weight gain...

For those who don't know, I'm a uni student in Birmingham, just at the very end of my final year, so am jobhunting currently.... But spend lots of time in Leeds at home for various reasons, mainly as that's where my OH is!!!

I can't do CD at home as my parents like family meals and don't think CD is a good idea. They do a lot for me, so I don't want to disrespect their views. So over Easter hols came off wagon completely, and last week have done Slimming World, as had all my final work deadlines and didn't want to be battling with tiredness/hungriness of getting in ketosis as well as essays!!!

I realised that even though I've been 'on' the diet since March, I've never gone for more than 3 days 100%. Some excuse always creeps in. That means that I've never fully gone into ketosis, never had the chance to get into the swing of it.


WI next Monday....

been busy all day, had one tetra, 1 litre of water and 1 cup of tea, currently working through cup of tea number 2. Am driving up to Leeds later, and have a 2l bottle to get through.... (water! not anything else!!!) Will have a soup in half an hour. May be stopping at all the services on the way to wee!!!

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!! Gwan Sparklychar for getting back on it!
Lots of love and luck to you chick. So glad you're back with me! xx


Doing this for last time
Well guess what? Day 1 on Sunday was fab , yesterday was as well had been shopping, got some nice toiletries, new undies, gorgeous tailored dress and jacket in the sale at Tesco for upcoming interviews, shoes... until about I got some bad news at about 5pm. I have designs on becoming a classical singer, and got news that I didn't get a project I auditioned for that would have been a big deal. Proper down, wanting to give up singing...

Then my OH needs to go to supermarket, he can't drive, so I drive him. I should have stayed in the car out of harms way... but later after a bottle of wine I ate lots of things I shouldn't have... its not big oooor clever.

Back on the wagon tmrw. If I can't sing I might as well be skinny.....



Doing this for last time
Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Not a good day yesterday. For the sake of naming and shaming, I had:
Most of a tube of pringles
half a hot jumbo sausage from tesco
half a hot bacon joint from tesco
1 slice of emmental
3 slices brown bread and butter
a bottle (yes, a whole bottle) of wine
2 tesco bakery choc chip shortbreads

That is absolutely loads :-( what a piggy wiggy. the wine especially made everything seem better!
Feeling ok today, still a bit meh. Not a good time to have a confidence knock when I've got two really important performances this week!!! Surprisingly not hungover this morning (which I think strangely is down to all the water I've been drinking), just tired as woke up at 3am and couldn't sleep for about 2hrs, then had to take OH to work at 7.45 :-(

Oh well. One blip. New day, new start. I can't think of anything (events, bad news etc...) that should come my way between now and WI. Singing I may not succeed with, it's a game of natural talent and luck, but my goodness with CD I KNOW I can get down to a size 14 (12 if I'm lucky!!!). This diet has no option but to work really. I just have to follow to the letter.

I want to fully fully enjoy clothes shopping.
I want to, for the first time since hitting puberty, be a healthy BMI.
I want to enjoy cooking and making healthy food for my OH and I.
I want to have graduation photos to be proud of (July 14th)
I want to hopefully (if I am successful in my upcoming interviews) treat myself to a whole new work wardrobe (I don't own many clothes that are 'corporate dress') and feel confident - studies show that slimmer people do better at work, as people subconsciously discriminate against fatties, as they may also be lazy.
I want to be at goal by my 23rd Birthday and be able to have all my friends round, and take pride in a lovely new outfit.
Probably going on holiday in August - again I want to be proud of those pictures!

Long road ahead, but I can do it. 16 weeks and 2 days to my birthday..... can I lose 52lbs by then to be 11st7? Well, probs a little more than that I know I've gained in the past couple of weeks...
Hmmmmm 3.25lbs a week.... sounds doable....
Right time for shower, refill all my water bottles and have my first shake enroute back to Birmingham.... hopefully I can get there in time for my friends performance in..... 3hours! lol, pray for no traffic on the M1....

Hi! I'm not the only one to slip up this week, it's really difficult to give up on something you've been doing everyday. We'll do it though! Determination! Sorry about the audition its harder sticking to the diet when you get bad news. I'd like to meet someone who's done every single day of a 12 week and not cheated because they know something I don't lol x


Doing this for last time
Hope so! Been perfect today and had my first bar, really yummy! Might have to have a couple more of those, I know my CDC doesn't recommend them in the first couple of weeks, but frankly anything to keep me on track.... won't have one every day!!! perhaps 3 a week....

Just been to see Avenue Q, such a funny show i loved it! Gave me the lift I needed.... I'll perhaps not give up singing just yet.....

A few things to do tomorrow, but not too much so will have some time to chill too!

Thanks for the lovely messages guys xxx


Doing this for last time
Have managed 2 days 100%! YAY! On to day 3....
Did a little WI of my own yesterday, and hopefully I've lost the few lbs i'd regained over the past mad few weeks. I'm hoping to see an overall loss at official WI on Monday!
Uber busy day today, plus had a late night.... Doubt tiredness is going to help me!!! Had the stage of being freezing while in bed last night, had sleeping bag under my duvet! Don't know if this is the tea I just had, but I sure I'm starting to get that odd taste in my mouth.... lets hope so! Don't believe in spending more money on ketostix, just let the scales/jeans do the talking.

C'mon! I can do it!!!!! xxx


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Ha - just found your diary - looks like you and me are in a similar boat at the moment! Hope your trip into ketosis is done and dusted by now :)


Doing this for last time
End of day 3.... feel like c**p but that's probs down to tiredness....
Been good today, just having final soup. Did have a couple of babybels and a cheesestring, but I think I was in danger of passing out!

This is momentous. I don't think I've ever made it 3 days straight. Certainly not 4, so hopefully tmrw I will break that barrier..... people say it gets easier the longer you do it! And I've found having the bars helps, so I will get more of those on Monday!!! They're yummy!

Tired myself out doing stuff for other people..... 5 hours of singing and playing for someone else's assessments, up til 1am last night reading someone else's dissertation.... oh dear. tmrw is more about me, and the friend whose diss i read is doing something for me in return which is good. I just think I sometimes have 'mug' written on my forehead. I have to get up at 6.45 to take OH to the train....

I think it is my cantankerous state that is making me resentful. Hopefully this will improve! typing this is distracting me from the pizza Mark is currently munching.....

Here's to tomorrow..... xxxx


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Good - you make sure your reap your rewards for busting a gut for other people!! Ooooh - I used to do the scarsdale diet to maintain...mini babybel lights were my favourite...


Doing this for last time
What's the scarsdale diet? Xx


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It's a really old-fashioned 1970s diet - sort of like Atkins with salad and fruit and a slice of bread a day. It suits me because it's very strict but it has a degree of flexibility.


Doing this for last time

Day 4 and I'm only just, at 5.30pm, having my first shake! Hot Choc Orange Yum yum yum!

Was a right fool and went out all day and forgot to take any tetras, so did have 6 babybel lights. I love them! so 246kcals in total, all protein. Didn't want to keel over! Will have this shake, then a soup in a couple of hours and the other before bed so I get them all in. OH merrily eating doughnut, and will be having pasta for tea. I hate him:-(

Still, got on my scales this morning, 4lbs less than I was a couple of days ago, AND I'm out of the Size 18 jeans and in the Size 16 skinny jeans! So that is motivation.... it's just HARD!!!!



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Hi Sparklychar, reading your diary made me feel like you'd entered my head and written down my thoughts. Lol! I used to only manage 1 day of CD, if that. Half a day would be more accurate. I started again on Monday too. So far so good but not 100%. I like your attitude when you've eaten. You put it behind you and keep going. I used to always just stop and binge for the rest of the week. Keep on doing what you're doing. We'll all get there soon.
BTW I had to stop reading what you ate a quarter of the way down the list! Dangerous reading! Lol!


Doing this for last time
Sorry cee! Today hasn't been 100%, had babybels and some chicken... but its all ss+ stuff (well not quite babybels but its all protein!)... busy day tmrw so I will be much better! Xxx


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Hey sweetie. How you doing? Have you thought about doing ss+? You might find it easier and from what I have seen, it's very little difference in losses from ss.

Hope you're having a good day xx


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I haven't been 100% today either, had a handful of peanuts. I'm so like you, haven't been able to do it 100% yet! At least you stuck to ketosis friendly, low fat foods, well done! I agree with MsV, and I'm considering doing SS+


Doing this for last time
I'll come right out with it. I had some cheesy bread, and some bums my housemate made. It was better than sex. I won't lie. A foodgasm. Back on it today, extremely busy day again but yesterday reny really well on so pleased!
Wi tmrw.... and I can get more bars! Yay! Might try some porridge too...

I think I've come go accept that when I'm being successful on cd, ad I think this week has been, I do a mix of ss and ss+.... xx


Doing this for last time
Urgh. I'm sliding down a slippery slope... just had some sweets. Didn't even enjoy them overly much... xxx

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