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Special K

having a look

:) hi there,
just had a look in my book for you and they are not down as a healthy extra, sorry:(
Special k is 5 sins on both green and red, for 28g
weetabia is 3.5 again on both days.
I would have a look at the cereal on healthy extra and see if you like any on there and save your sins.
I have my 1st wd on monday, i've been good in fact really good:D had no sins and been to the gym twice as well as swimming, so if i don't have a loss of 4-5 ibs i'll be really pi**ed off.:cry:
Good look finding a ceral
joyce x


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Thanks Joyce - I didn't think I'd seen them there.

Weetabix used to be a healthy option - I don't understand why it's not anymore. Ah well I'm sure there'll be something I like!!

K xx


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Are you sure its not a healthy extra (weetabix) it used to be in the grab and go bit in the book, i haven't got one handy but ishall have a peek later. Special K is not a healthy extra because it dosen't have enopugh fibre in it, same as corn flakes rice krispies etc etc

Hope this helps
J.K its not always sensible not to use sins a couple people last week at my meeting had done the same as you one had lost 1/2 lb and the other 2lbs (first wk I think.) The consultant said not using the sins was prob the reason:cry:

But you never know? I don't use daily sins I save up for week and have a night off with a carry out and a wee tipple lol :queen:

Let us know how it goes with you xxxxx


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You can have 2 Weetabix as a healthy B, or 1 Weetabix and 4 oat or scan bran, or 1 Weetabix and 3 Ryvita High Fibre Crackerbread.

You can check all the Healthy Extras online, the list there is more up-to-date than your book will be!
I just checked online too and weetabix is definately listed. You can have 2 weetabix for 1 healthy option.

I still have special k as a substitute and I am still losing weight.

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