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Spethy's Nibble Avoidance Blog

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Spethyla, 30 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Spethyla

    Spethyla Member

    My aim: To avoid nibbling everything and anything in an evening when I get home from work.

    So for the first time ever I have decided to try writing a diary about my daily food as I attempt to get back on Slimming World on the 1st Feb and focused!

    I did Slimming World two(ish) years ago now and lost two stone with it. I adore the plan because it means I can eat pasta until my body feels it is about to turn into a piece itself. However, over the last two years I have put the two stone back on. Partly because the first year after I moved I had a big social life and went out drinking (and therefore fast food-ing) every weekend. Then I met my boyfriend and he's one of these cruel people who could eat 5 large pizzas and will only gain an ounce, and that's only 'cause he's eaten so much food. As a side note he is unbelievably supportive either way so I don't see him as a sabotage at all. The only statement he made was: "just don't lose your bum and hips", but I'm fairly sure that with my body shape I could go down to 8 stone and wilting away elsewhere but I'd still have a big bum...

    Anyway, I am really struggling to find the motivation at the moment. I am good as gold in the day, I eat a healthy lunch in work and snack on bananas or apples from my office drawer, plus I'm a teacher so I spend my day on my feet and running around all over the place.

    The problem is that when I seem to come home, stuff my face and ruin it all! This is what is annoying me and this is why I'm writing a diary - to avoid nibbling in an evening! I think it is the one reason why I'm now not losing any weight despite trying.

    Basically I need some motivation. Tonight, before I set about writing this, I got a picture of a designer dress I want - because it is the one thing I currently "can't have" - and stuck it up on a kitchen cupboard with the measurements. I will look at that every time I want to eat something and think about what I want more. Then when I start getting the urge to nibble I will write things on here to remind myself why it is I'm doing it.

    Apologies for the long winded introduction. I hope someone gets some inspiration from me, and I hope I continue to get some motivation and inspiration from everyone else on this site!

    Until tomorrow...
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  3. Spethyla

    Spethyla Member

    Ok so had an internet cut the day after writing this and it's finally back. Typical eh?

    Not been as strict as I could have been but haven't been too bad - except for pancakes last night, and a Chinese on Saturday, though only plain noodles and rice. On the plus side, I've eaten so much watermelon I'm starting to feel like one.

    However today I'm back on track, went above syns because I had some quorn nuggets that were higher syns than I thought! That aside I feel like I'm in the zone. Veggie stew for dinner, risotto for lunch and weetabix is for breakfast. Back on curly wurlys which were lovely.

    Only knock I've had is looking at the scales this evening - really shouldn't as it was horrific, think I need to just ignore it and only look in the morning...

    onwards and upwards. There is some satisfaction on doing a full day. Bring on tomorrow...
  4. Spethyla

    Spethyla Member

    Today has been a good day. I just need to not stress about the scales when I've barely even started. Unfortunately such is life...

    However my diary:

    Breakfast: all bran, milk and little bit of syrup (2 syns)
    Snack: Apple, banana and caramel Cadbury bunny because I was ... (5 syns)
    Lunch: plain (cooked) pasta. Weird but I love it. Another apple. Then another banana
    Dinner: vegetable stew (potato, turnip, swede, carrot, cauli, leek and pearl barley)
    Dessert: curly wurly (6 syns) watermelon.

    Nibbles: some cooked pasta from tomorrow's lunch... The watermelon from dessert.

    I think that is it! Only 13 syns and I'm full to bursting.

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow - warning: I eat incredibly boring and repetitive food because I make big batches...
  5. Spethyla

    Spethyla Member

    Today was good, not perfect but near enough.

    Breakfast: all bran and milk, syrup (2)
    Lunch: plain pasta (I know)
    Snacks: 2 apples, banana and popcorn. This is the bad bit but air popped with no sugar (5 - overestimating)
    Dinner: broc, sprouts, potato, sweetcorn, gravy (syns for this? Was only granules and water)
    Dessert: curly wurly (6) and shape 0% yoghurt (can't find if this was free or 1/2 a syn)

    I am so full and satisfied, I'm just hoping I see the change come Saturday!
  6. Spethyla

    Spethyla Member

    Everything went down hill this weekend. Had a really rough day on Friday, went to London yesterday and may have raided Harrods food department. Wasn't actually too bad but bought the most amazing loaf of bread and have nearly eaten it all.... I think I managed to pull it back today a little but still feeling guilty.

    Breakfast - 2 slices of granary bread with some butter (spead).

    Lunch - 2 x egg, 2 x bread, 3 x quorn sausages (1/2 syn each) and baked beans, some cheese.
    Curly wurly (6)

    Dinner -
    Quorn spag bol. Pasta, quorn mince, passata, garlic, onion, cheese on top.
    Curly wurly (6 - I know again!!)

    Tried making some onion bhajis too (SW style). Whether they work or not I'll see later. I actually feel horrible so back on it 100% tomorrow. I think I make syns 16 1/2? Not as bad as I thought but still.

    I WILL be on track tomorrow. In some ways I'm glad for the blip because it has given me focus again. It is making me worry about half term coming up, I do eat when I'm bored...
  7. Spethyla

    Spethyla Member


    All bran and milk

    Pasta, quorn mince (last night's leftovers). 2 apples.

    Homemade broccoli risotto with a handful of quorn chicken style pieces.

    Curly wurly x 2 (one with lunch)

    I make that 12 syns!
  8. Spethyla

    Spethyla Member

    I don't know what happened to me from Tuesday last week until now but it's been a disaster. I feel awful, I feel like I can't stop eating. I know what I'm eating makes me unhappy yet I still eat it. I'm eating things I don't need to. I'm not even hungry. I can see the scales going up and yet I can't stop, the happiness I had when they went down didn't even motivate me...

    My best week was actually the week I did this diary so I'm going to try again. I'm going to throw everything "bad" either into the freezer or give away. I'm going to give up chocolate and just try make myself feel better.

    I'm still torn between slimming world and calorie counting. I'm considering of doing a hybrid where I follow slimming world but count the calories so I don't overeat - especially with things like pasta.

    I think I just got that true inspiration where I'm disappointed and ashamed that I'm back to a figure on the scales that I hoped I would never see again. I'm sad that some of my clothes don't fit me, and I'm feeling like putting a big bag over my head. Well over my entire body would be better but that would be a very big bag and not so convenient... I think what has also kicked me into action is I sold a gorgeous unworn dress on ebay because it just doesn't fit. Maybe I should do the whole "every pound lost is a tender in the new clothes fund" that I did last time! Maybe a shopping spree will motivate me.

    I'm also getting a hand me down wii and wii fit on the weekend so I'm planning on doing 30 mins or so of that every night as well.

    Fingers crossed. Here we go again.... Sorry for the down rant, think I need to find myself a diet buddy for the competitive aspect - something to look at tomorrow!
  9. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    HI, I'll be reading your ramblings because it is soooo me - I can eat well all day then the evenings I manage to wreck myself, feel bad, spiral down..... I'm in my third week of diarying (is that a word?)and I've managed to maintain; I can feel my head gradually getting to grips with free food first rather than as an add-on to a sandwich...:). I have been 'doing' SW for months and have managed to loose a few pounds but of course I was not really doing it wholeheartedly! I'm meeting friends today, so I know that means toasted tea cake with coffee.... will I be a party pooper and sit there virtuously, or will I flexi syn? Time will tell!
    Have a good day,
    Christine x
  10. Spethyla

    Spethyla Member

    First of all - Hi Borderlass/Christine! Thank you for your post, I am now feeling bad for the naughty parts of today - if only I'd seen your post this morning, I might have had a bit more will power! I hope you managed to survive your meeting without too many naughty things being munched... Finger's crossed I can give you a bit of a boost and we can conquer those evenings (and holidays for me).

    Today in theory has been amazing. It is only in theory because I totally screwed it up with some twix's - twixes? Twixs's? I should know this but I've got a complete mind blank - basically I've had more than one twix. As in like 5 over the day. I will highlight that they were individual bars though like that makes some kind of difference :/

    Here is the damage though:

    Breakfast: All bran (50g) and Milk (130ml) for breakfast.
    Pre-lunch: Some leftover veggie curry (a small bowlful) as an early lunch nibble before I went out - it was sitting on the side from last night... Not sure how many syns were in it? Like 1 at most because theres a LOT of veg and only a small jar of curry.
    Real Lunch: Two x cereal grain pittas (they're amazing), stuffed with salad, bit of light mayo and 30g of cheese. Followed by the first 3 naughty twix bars. I will add these were scattered over 2 hours (again like it compensates for it...)
    Dinner: A lovely quorn spag bol (I'm veggie which is why there is no meat anywhere ever). I also made some garlic bread out of one of those warburton sandwich thins...but the wrap version. So that's a bit of butter and extras there. (Insert remainder number of twix here.)

    After typing that I've realised that that was probably a very good day for someone who doesn't need to lose weight. Unfortunately, that is not me and so this was probably awful. HOWEVER it is MUCH better than yesterday. I have also been aware that I would have to type it all out on here. Turns out that works a treat and looking back I can see where I've gone wrong. I've kept myself busy all day too - either going out or by doing a serious tidy. I know I told myself off last night, I still stand by it, but I'm also aware that I am AWFUL on holidays so I'm aiming to be perfect come the weekend.

    Apologies for lack of syn-ing/fully slimming world-ing, like I said previously I'm working out how to do a hybrid/planning how to get myself fully back on it without being bored by the food or tempted by sugar. I'm aiming to be slimming world friendly and ready to roll by Monday.
  11. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    Hello, here to subscribe. You will never fail ad long as you keep trying. Keep your chin up xx
  12. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    Hi Spethyla, I to have found coming online and writing it down helps in a way that a paper diary doesn't - it is obviously the support and feedback that is part of the equation that makes this work. Yesterday, I synned... I had 1/2 a toasted teacake with butter (better than a whole one!) And then as we were still eating out, I had a portion of quiche with salad. I haven't used many syns this week, so I will now assume I have used a huge chunk of my allowance, and try not to have many for the rest of the week. I am back to work tonight ( I work night duty) and as long as I take myself enough legal junk, I'll be alright. I know what you mean about the calorie aspect of eating - my daughter brought this up; that if I had a Panini or something somewhere, and it was 'worth' 400 calories it would probably have a massive mount of syns; yet I could consume well over 400 calories in 'free' foods, and continue eating many more. So I guess we have to trust the science bit behind S/W, and also have the sense to be self regulatory? as Rae Rae says - we'll never fail as long as we keep trying! And S/W is not too prescriptive, so we keep trying to learn what works for us as individuals, when our danger times are etc... You have already identified hols and boredom so well done for that. Rae-Rae, looking at your statistics, you are an expert! what a brill loss you have:).
    I'm looking after grandchildren today, then having a nap, then off to work so I am prepared with some food ready to grab so I grab the 'right' stuff rather than the wrong! Have a lovely day with no work! C x
  13. Spethyla

    Spethyla Member

    Yes RaeRae certainly does have a lot of experience - I am very very impressed and it is inspiring! Well done, and thank you as well for the extra nudge.

    Well done on restraining yourself though Borderlass, again helps me get some focus and want to do the same!

    It's funny looking at SW in a different light isn't it? You're completely right and you have to put faith in it working because there is some kind of magical science behind it - I've done it before and lost 2 stone but now all of a sudden I'm skeptical about it... I'm determined to keep recording things because I'll see where things are going. It's made me 10times more aware even though I'm not 100% on the diet yet.

    Today's diary - I did put faith in SW - it did backfire slightly with a big underestimate causing a falafel drama - HOWEVER

    Breakfast - all bran and milk
    Lunch - Omelette and rice
    Dinner - Leftover spag bol and garlic bread thingy (like last night).
    Skips (4.5), Chomp (4.5)

    Now where it went wrong - I made some falafel from a mix. I assumed (from recipes) that it would be a handful of syns (3/4) because of fact it was packet mix rather than homemade, however it ended up being like 20 syns!!! I'd been nibbling that all day and worked my way through it so major oops there.

    On the extra plus side I went on a baking spree and made 24 cupcakes and a lot of shortbread. I've eaten one or two bits of the shortbread (2 syns each - this was pre falafel syn drama) and haven't eaten ANY cupcakes...except a little bit of the mix that was left in the bowl. The rest is being donated to the boyfriend/his family tomorrow to get rid of it, plus my parents are visiting on the weekend so they'll also be given some.

    I'm aware I'm overeating from complete boredom today, typical mid-half term day really, when I've done everything I need to but haven't quite wound down enough to just lie on the sofa. I should point out I live alone except for the cat or when the bf comes round, no kids (or plans for any for a long time, unless they come in cat form) and so I almost have no-one to watch/guide me. I know this doesn't help as well because there's no one to "judge" you going to the kitchen for another little something to eat. It is good to write down, helps me focus and know what it is I'm doing to sabotage myself. Oddly this week has been the best week to get me motivated because I'm at my "worst" and I'm becoming so aware of the little things that slip in that will have caused this weight gain. I feel like I'm learning how I got here and how to fix it.

    I'm aiming for routine next week - work, light dinner, hour on the wii fit (it's a start until I feel confident enough going to the gym). I'm almost excited and looking forward to starting it properly.

    Bring on tomorrow, another baby step towards the start.
  14. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    Please don't sing my praises, I'm a fraud. I did get those statistics a few years ago through Cambridge. I've put some weight or a lot of weight back on and I'm now doing sw. I only ever come on here on my phone or tablet so can't even see or change my stats unfortunately. Next time I go my mum's, I'll go on the computer and update. Sorry xx
  15. Spethyla

    Spethyla Member

    Please don't apologise - you lost it and that is what counts! You should still be proud of losing it because it is HARD. I've put nearly the whole 2 stone on that I lost but I'm still proud I did it in the first place. I hope SW works for you this time. You still have the experience of doing it and any wisdom you can pass on there will be a great help to me as well as hopefully helping yourself :) xx
  16. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    No wisdom from doin cambridge....basically not eatin real food so lost 8 stone in 7 months. Been doin sw since October and love it, learnt so much.

    You've done great to lose 2 stone. You've done it before and can do it again xx
  17. Spethyla

    Spethyla Member

    Hooray for today!

    Breakfast: 2 x Apple - I was so full from last night.

    Lunch - I made a HUGE broccoli and leek risotto (all free!!) Plus 2 bread thingys that I seem to have had every day this week (yet don't seem to be decreasing in numbers? I only bought one packet!)

    Dinner - Tiny bit more but I'm feeling a bit off colour so not lots more

    Did nibble some cakes and all my syns went on them - whoops! Very tasty though :) All in all a much better today - and like I said - baby steps up to Monday!
  18. Spethyla

    Spethyla Member

    Admitting before I even eat it that we're having pizza for dinner! I checked the calories on the box to make sure it is the lowest one and we are sharing rather than one each which would be normal... In justification world I've also only eaten a bowl of all bran and am apple all day and am just feeling hungry now.

    Yes ear it is naughty but this is it after that. I figured there's no point lying and since my start date is Monday I might as well limit the damage by taking some control over it and ENJOY it before it's not freely available in my life anymore.

    As my parents are visiting tomorrow I won't be updating for a few days but we're having homemade burgers for dinner tomorrow. Since I'm making them, I get to control what goes in them :) then it's time to bring on the diet! Don't lose faith in me it's all good from here! Even if it doesn't sound it this weekend...
  19. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    Hi Spethyla, I was about to say 'good-luck' with the next few days, but then, ''luck'' is not in it really is it? What a shame about the falafel disaster, I too would have guessed they were a healthy thing to choose! Have a nice time with your parents. (Rae-Rae, if you're looking in, no need to apologise, I admire your honesty!:bighug:)
    I have come here to stand on the naughty-step and admit I am feeling very annoyed with myself; a 2lb gain, all my own work - bread. A total demon for me when I am tired, I can have heaps of healthy options around and somehow I bypass them straight to the bread-bin, or prepacked sandwiches from work. Intellectually I know I am doing myself no favours with this behaviour, it is the one thing which stalls me, yet even so, I seem to go on a sort of auto pilot :sigh:.
    So what did I do when I got weighed this morning and found a gain? Consoled myself with an egg toasty. Unbelievable! Well it's done now and cannot be undone. I wonder if it is because my daughter in law has been told to loose some weight to be eligible to have fertility treatment and she said the diet will start on Monday - did I subconsciously decide I would start again on Monday too?
    Well, I know it may be a while until this is read, but once again something has happened by writing it down. Half an hour ago (mid bite of toasty) I was going to give in, accept I am unable to change and I am destined to spend the remainder of my life suffering all the ill effects of excess weigh. But NO! If I give up I will lose what frail self esteem I have. Slimming world works, IF I use the plan properly; there is no excuse in using the plan then adding in my own optional extras! I will succeed this year, I will!
    So, not good-luck people, but I wish us all 'good choices', because that is what it is really about, choice. I'm going to choose to keep with the plan, learning by my mistakes, and not giving up!
    Sorry about the ramble :) but thanks for 'listening' to me! C x
  20. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    Borderlass, how many days are in a week?...7 right? Today is one day, you've got another 6 good days ahead of you. Keep your chin up :)

    Btw, I went my mums yeaterday+logged on to the computer to change my stats...they are now updated to my current weight xx
  21. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    Thanks for your wisdom Rae Rae, I have had a much better day today, pretty well 100%, I am impressed with myself! Spethyla I hope your week is going well :). C x

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