spicey tomato soup question


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i loved the spicey tom, soup last time i did cd but todays was just FOUL

has anyone else had a packet that has turned out REALLY sandy and grainy? it almost felt like it had bits of plastic in it.
Well I was mad about the spicy tomato at first and now I don't like it at all.:( :( :(

My favourite soup just now is veggie!
I hate the tom soup, first time I had it it was grainy,so the next time i put it in the blender,BIG MISTAKE foamy soup just aint nice
I don't dislike any of the soups but I only ever have veggie. I 'add stuff' to it and really like it.

I'm a creature of habit and tend not to get bored with the same stuff 'day in day out'. :)
My Kenwood Frothy Maker makes the spicy tomato yummy and smooth (but I don't mind froffy soup lol).

You could try mixing it into a paste with a bit of cold water, then slowly add more water in a pan over the hob - like the Roux method of making a sauce. My mum does that and she swears by it!
I dont like it, have you tried the oriental one, its out of this world!!!!!!!!
I'm the opposite, I love the tomato one, and hate the oriental one. LOL
I hate the Spicy Tomato, its the only soup I nearly gagged with when I tasted it...although it being frothy because of my blender probably didnt help :rolleyes: I dont like the mushroom either but the oriental chilli and the chicken and vegetable are gorgeous!
I am dying to try the chili one

in the process of changing cdc so hopefully my new one will have some in stock
On some of the packets of spicy tomato it says that you shoudl mix it with a little cold water into a paste before adding in hot water.
I do it like this every time, then shove my stick blender in and give it a whirl.

Yum! It's my fav soup.