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Spicy Tomato sauce help needed


Strutting her stuff
Just make a basic tomato sauce (lots to choose from in the recipe sub-forum) and add some chilli. You can still have pepperoni in it just count the syns - that's what they are there for. Much better for you than an artificial sauce in a jar.
Hi Moonlyte

When I make a spicy tomato sauce for my pasta/noodles, I use tinned tomatoes, tomatoes, chillies, chilli powder and then if I want an extra kick, I add 1 tbsp of Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce which is 1.5 Syns. All of this together is really nice and spicy!

Hope this helps :)


Strutting her stuff
It's 13 syns for 100g but you would get a lot for 100g so you could use less or divide it into portions to reduce the syns.

Or try chorizo sausage instead for a similar effect but fewer syns (2.5 syns for 28g)

Let us know how you get on!
Oh,thanks Circes.
I'm sure I'll only use a few slices and chop it up,so obviously less calories.
I'll let you know,I'm gonna do it tomorrow hopefully :) x

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