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Spots !!!!


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Oh no. I haven't had a spot problem so far on the diet, actually my skin feels better than ever but it could be down to the face wash i am using. I used to get really bad ugly zits, it started off being around my TOTM but then grew to being a problem all the time. I recently changed my face wash after years of using products intended for teenagers with acne. Read something online somewhere about how 'older' (ie older than teenage) skin doesn't respond well to acne fashwashes. I now use StIves apricot scrub each morning and after 10+ years of spot bother, have totally clear skin within 1 week of use. Sorry it's probably not much help to you, but it may work, just wanted to share incase it was any help xo.
I havent had any problems with spots so far, my skin actually feels a lot less oily and is much fresher since being on the diet but i suppose that is down to the lack of greasy food consumption and that i am actually drinking plenty of water which is really good for the skin :)

Maybe its hormones causing the spots? i know that my hormone balance has changed since starting the diet because the totm is more regular for me now :D


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its probably just your body detoxing. If you used to drink and have gone tee total with this diet you will be detoxing and that can come out in spots.
It should soon pass and the vitamins and minerals in the diet should improve your skin in the long run
Thanks Guys will try the face scrub but think it is probably down to detoxing as I have also stopped drinking tea & coffee

Just drinking water, pepermint tea and coke zero

Have to say nails are growing quick and I have always been lucky and never had spots before even got one on my neck and behind ear lol

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