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Gosh I had TERRIBLE spots for the first 2-3 weeks of this, they have all gone now (am in week 5) and my skin looks great. The spots are a result of the detox and all the water you are drinking, they will disappear very soon :) xx
My face has broken out in them, especially arond my chin. A little boy at my sons school today asked me if I had chicken pox!!

Has anyone else had this on CD, I am on day 4 of SS. I never even had them as a teenager, its driving me mad!

I'm interested in the fact that you say the spots have broken out on your chin...

Of course, this could be down to the water you're drinking and the whole detox thing but can I ask if you're on the pill?

The only reason I ask is because when I was trying for my DS back in 2000 and I was off the pill, my skin broke out around my chin and I gained lots of weight and shortly after my 30th birthday, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

There's lots of symptoms attached to the Syndrome and obesity and acne are two...

H x


has started again!!
I was pretty spotty pre my VLCD (LL), prob due to all the gunk I was eating! After a short while ss-ing , and with 4 litres water a day, ny skin has honestly never been better.

If your health checks out ok, give yourself a little time, and I am sure you will be glowing before long!!
No, i'm not on the pill. Its not to do with PCOS, I maintained easily 9.7 for 2 years, and only got to 17 stone in the first place as I ate non stop for a year after my DS was born, I was on a drip while pregnant as I was so sick I couldnt even keep water down for the whole 9 mnths, so I went mad after he was born and ate and ate for 12 months, gained 6 stone in that year! I put on a stone and a half in 2 weeks recently as I ate non stop for 2 weeks!

I was just wondering if spots were a common side effect of this diet, or maybe to do with the milk? I usually follow a vegan diet (not religiously, I never drink cows milk, but i sometimes have butter and thinngs made from butter/milk and obv i know CD contains milk powder) just wondering if its because i'm addicted to chocolate tetras! Maybe my body isnt used to the dairy.
ive got spots all over my cheeks but sadly not down to CD....ive been sleeping on a starched bed [email protected] and am i'm allergic to starch lol
ohh hell yeah!! i had the worst spots at the beginning it actually looked like a rash!all gone now. if they fail to go, go to the doc and ask for dual cream. cleared most of mine in a week

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I got really spotty for the first couple of weeks, i was like a teenager again!!!:eek: Keep drinking plenty of :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: it does get better, my skin is really clear now just get the odd pimple at TOTM....xxx
try not to worry about the spots - your body is recovering from all the junk it has been used to eating and lots of people get spots in the early days.

Just make sure you keep your skin properly cleansed, and in a couple of weeks your skin will be fabulous with all the water and vits on the diet
I get spotty chin syndrome every time i restart ss.
Should encourage me not to break the ss shouldn't it?
oh well
you are not alone
It is very common to have some spots in the first few weeks, this is especially prevalent in people who didn't drink much fluid before the diet.

It is, as others have said, the detox effect of the water and should be temporary, most people agree within a few weeks their skin is smoother than usual and they are really pleased.

As with any medical concern though if you are worried then pop along and see your GP for his/her assurance.


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