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Hi guys I'm on week 7 of ts and loving the results just one thing I'm getting annoyed about big huge sore spots keep popping up I've never really had bad skin except around totm but I'm comin out in new spots every couple of days big sore things anyone else having same probs? I'm drinking 3 litres plus per day so thought I'd have lovely clear skin instead I feel like a teen with acne xxx

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx
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Don't worry, this is happening to me as well, in a really big way. To the extent that I almost thought about phoning in sick to work because of the state of my skin - it's looking so shameful! And none of it's healing all that quickly, which is just making it look worse.

Have decided instead to bringing my AAM week forward to today - my body's obviously struggling to repair itself right now so I should probably give it a break in the form of some real food that it can use to turn into new skin cells.

Don't actually want to eat anything, but I think the best thing right now is to have a face that doesn't make me want to scream every time I catch sight of myself in the mirror...
I've had a few more spots than usual too - in fact, I woke up with a whopper right on the side of my nose today.... and it had to be the day I was going to a training session and therefore meeting new people! Grrrr.
My boyfriend, who's doing this with me, also woke up with a huge one on the side of his face a couple of days ago...and he never gets spots!!!
Aww girls how annoying are they must be hormones Katie they're the same kind of spots I get when I'm due totm stoopid hormones lol x

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx
I came up with a cluster of 7 spots all at the same time on my neck.... Still there two weeks later. Sorry if tmi but no pus more like red lumps??? Weird xx
carrie1980 said:
I came up with a cluster of 7 spots all at the same time on my neck.... Still there two weeks later. Sorry if tmi but no pus more like red lumps??? Weird xx
Yeah same as me like a small horrible boil xx

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx
Me too, I rarely get spots but past week I've got spots on my tummy, back of neck, back, tops of legs, face and arms. I was beginning to wonder if I'd caught something horrible but it looks like it's the diet. Not fun :(
Wow. I've had one day on AAM and my skin is already feeling a little less angry and sore. I still want to cry every time I see my face, but at least it's improving over what it was.

I guess taking in the amount of nutrients needed to survive is not the same thing as taking in the amount of nutrients needed to heal yourself when you're under the weather - good to know before the winter flu season kicks in!

Of course, the scales today are very firmly STS, but in the past week I've lost over an inch off my hips and nearly an inch off my waist, so I'm still pleased with my dieting progress. Now, if I could only stop looking like a teenager who hasn't worked out what Clearasil is, I'd be a very happy girl...


please try again
yup i have the awful purple lumps too, so unfair, we take a grip on our lifes and weight and the reward is looking a state lol
I think it's all the dairy.... I only ever get spots when i over do the dairy and I've been getting some on exante.


I can haz cake?
It could also be a shock to your system going on a sudden drop of calories... the body has to focus on its core existence, lungs, heart, brain...so a lot of other things get forgotten. Thats why some people feel tired, and why some people experience their hair falling out. I find I nearly always get a load of spots when I change diets.. its pretty much the only time I ever get spots.

the nutrients are 100%RDA and they shouldn't cause any problems as long as you are drinking your water recommendation!

I'm currently suffering with these damn spots/lumps/gross things... and they all seem to settle at my temple, near enough to my glasses to REALLY annoy me hah

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