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Hi all...
Im on day 8 and doing and feeling blooming great!! :D

But i have noticed in the past couple a couple a days that im getting spots! :(

On my face and some on my chest... like teenage spots! lol :giggle:

Im guessing its like a detox and it's junk coming out, so i assume this is good??? :confused:
Has anyone else experienced this on cd?
Donna xx
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Yes it is very common and you are right it is the detox, you will find they will get better and your skin will be so much better. Keep drinking the water, it helps to hydrate the skin and dont worry the spots will go.


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i have this! my skin is mingin on my face at the min, dead spotty and i have blemishes, with out make up i look like ive been on drink n drugs! but im too ill to be arssed to wear make up lol so drink n drugs it is lol


has started again!!
I had the spot thing too when I did LL last year. Must have had so much cr*p in my system!! Odd looking like a spotty teenager at age 44!!

It does get loads better tho, and your skin will just glow!!


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On my face and some on my chest... like teenage spots! lol :giggle:
Yes also went through this in the first few weeks and normally never ever have a spot:)

All clear skin and glowing now:D
Ok I am covered in spots at the moment. Even resorted to using my 13yr olds face wash. Glad to hear they should clear up. They are odd spots too. Mainly on my cheeks and like hard lumps.Is this what others have experienced?
Just this week (i'm on week4) my spots have started to clear up a bit! so i think its normal!


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Yup, for first two weeks or so of CD was spotty spotty. But all cleared up and thanks to all the water my skin is looking and feeling great, no, really all shiny glowy and everything!:):)

Also my nails are a lot better. Don't know if this is related or boredom making me look after them....:confused:
Yes, I found this too; now my skin is better than it has ever been! Stick with it!
:thankyou: ALL!!!
Glad im not the only one then.. was a bit worried...
Yes i intend to stick with it no matter what!
End of day 8 now... day 9 tomorrow.. bring it on!! :D
Weigh in day my 1st is thursday day 10.. and i cant wait!! :)

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