Spring clean (or winter clean lol)


Down boy!
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Congratulations...thats a lot smaller you have become :wow:!
You deserve it, Happy Winter cleanout!! :D


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Well done thats amazing! Treat yourself to something special in the january sales ;)

You could pop some bits up on the clothes swap blog aswell, they might be good for someone of a bigger size :)


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Well done you !! you must be thrilled :) soo pleased for you have fun with the clearout


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Thank u both,
I actually found a dress I use to wear as a top (shameful but us big girls make ends meet haha) and its now a lovely little dress on me,
I can't wait for the sales I'm gunna go wild haha
my aim was to be a 16 so I'm very happy and may even push for a 12 eeek :) xx


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Aw well done you! Great loss x