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Square one again


Rebel without a calorie
Day 2 back on total and it's really difficult getting back in the saddle :sigh:
I feel so hungry this morning that I feel sick. I can normally get to 10.30 before I have my first shake but today I need it now!
It wasn't the food I had it was the lack of water and a few glasses of wine each night. I've certainly got that out of my system and regret having it but it seemed like a good idea at the time :mad:
Just under 3 weeks till my holiday so I'm staying on total and taking some packs with me for breakfast and lunch.
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reaching my goal
hi lisa , i had thwe weekend off for my partners birthday ate pretty good the sataday but drank loads vodka i feel like s*** my stomach has been playing up rotton i have to admit i didnt enjoy the food like i thought i would i like the feeling i get with exante how lite i feel i feel proud of myself but when i eat i feel like i failed my self . Anyhow back to normal today and dietkitty hope you feel better soon i hate it when hunger sets in bad .
Hi Lisa, without sounding nasty or anything, this is exactly why I will not cheat, regardless of where I go or what I attend, I will take my shakes with me.

You have shown though that you can do this, it is going to be struggle to get back on but hey it's all fun fun fun and the end goal is the important thing


Rebel without a calorie
The stupid thing is if I'd just had the meal without the wine I would have been fine. It was only protein and salad and during the day I was still having my 2 packs, I even sat on the beach eating my bar!
So it's my own fault and now I have to take the consequences.
That said, I did have the most fabulous weekend and will do it again in a couple of weeks (weather permitting) but without the wine! After all you only get one life and you have to enjoy it. So what if it takes me an extra month to lose the weight. It's not as if I have a deadline when I have to be at goal. I'll treat this as practice for when I get back from my holiday and have to get back on total again!!


Gold Member
Don't be too hard on yourself, life is for living after all! I just had a weeks holiday and ate and drank what I wanted, not quite at goal yet but what the hell, it is only one week. Am going to have a week back on packs and see how I get on before I go back onto Atkins to continue down to goal and maintenance. I know it will be hard work getting back into ketosis but I don't regret anything I ate or drank last
week as life is too short for regrets!
Bren xx
By experimentation I think that it is much harder to get back on track when you've had alcohol too than if you just have food, even if the food involved a fair amount of carbs.

I have found with me when I have had my weekends "off" and had a couple of drinks I have always felt really down and also hungry on the Monday and it's taken me a day or two to bounce back.

When I've just eaten, even if I've eaten "bad" (on the Sunday in Cornwall I had bacon and eggs for brekkie, chips with chilli and cheese for lunch, an icecream mid-afternoon and tandoori chicken with naan bread for tea! :eek:) it's been much easier to get back on it afterwards.

At first I missed having a drink, especially when out with friends, but now I'm really not bothered any more. Even with more food I'm finding I no longer really want to have a drink.

It may be totally different for you of course, and I'm not saying I'm never going to drink again but at the moment it's just leaving me cold and I feel like I can do without it so I'm not really bothering.


Grumpy Old Git
When I've just eaten, even if I've eaten "bad" (on the Sunday in Cornwall I had bacon and eggs for brekkie, chips with chilli and cheese for lunch, an icecream mid-afternoon and tandoori chicken with naan bread for tea! :eek:)
But you still went without Dinner....:eek:


Rebel without a calorie
I've certainly broken the habit of drinking at home and it's just habit to have a drink when I'm out. But that is how I want it to be once I'm at goal so this is good practice lol.
Like you've said Bren life is for living and for me that means I'm not going to put my life on hold whilst I lose this weight. After all I could get run over by a bus tomorrow :)
But I'm not having any more alcohol for now simply because its not good for me on a vlcd and makes me feel ill the next day.


is slowly shrinking
well i have fell off wagon a couple of times and just get straight back, the way i look at it, is like people say we have not failed, if we have a binge once in a while no harm done, we just don;t have high losses but still lose a couple of pounds. I know the feeling lisa but hey we are still losing are we not. x
I found that food doesn't fulfil like it used to. I'm not talking about physically, but emotionally. The thought of eating is sooo much more exciting than the actual act. When I know I am going to go out to eat, I get very excited and dream of what I will pick from the menu. It is nice to eat food, but I do find it quite a disappointment now and I hate the bloated feeling in my stomach!

As for wine - I was a 2 large glasses every evening girl - I can't drink it now and don't want to. Makes me ill - I'd rather have a diet coke.

I applaud your resoluteness (is that a word?) Mark, but I worry that your determination not to deviate at all from the diet until you reach goal means that you haven't yet won your battle with food. I am not trying to criticize - I'm sorry if it comes across that way - it's just that we can't hide from food - it is all around us and we have to be able to take it or leave it. We have to be able to eat and say "that's enough" and we have to be able to participate in life and that does mean eating at most social occasions.

I may be wrong - I don't have all the answers, but be careful your not fighting the wrong battle.

This is all meant in a caring way. xx

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