Ss and energy?


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hi I'm on a restart of cd, did 6 weeks not long ago, I'm at the end of the first week but I'm super wiped out? Does anyone find ss+ helps with energy? I'm looking after my 5 month old and I'm even struggling to pick her up. I want to have the best lost and avoid food but how can I get my energy up? Thanks x x
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well i on day 2 of restart as well on ss and at work can hardly stay awake, feel like zombie so think after a week that would go hopefully but i guess it takes time for ur body to adjust to no food so there fore total lack of energy

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I'm SS+ but the 4 shakes and skimmed milk option. Whilst I'm not actually eating the calories are suppose to be about the same. I found I had no energy for about 2 weeks then after that my levels returned to normal (no energy boost for me), so the extra calories didn't apear to make a difference to me at all....oooh...unless of course the extra carbs made me take longer to get into ketosis....sorry, not much help am I.
Hope you feel better soon. xx


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Hi all, I felt like that the 1st couple of weeks and I still can't overdo it ... but it does get better.. I do SS+ since day one I have had milk in my coffee and tea and if I am really cold or tired I have an extra pack, I have a 3 year old and have to keep up!!! So sometimes I have no choice!

It does pass tho, lots of early nights with plenty of sleep x


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I have been wondering about this myself. I fell asleep when i got home lastnight. Got up after 5 mins and forced myself in the shower which woke me up.

I am wondering if a little exercise would give a buzz and thus more energy. I have Davina DVDs which were great before. I also have a pilates machine.

also, would exercise slow down the weight loss?

Any suggestions?