SS and pregnancy- for the ladies!


Hi all,

I started SS 6 weeks ago and have so far lost over two stone- whoo hoo! the whole point of the diet for me was to be a healthy weight before we start trying for a baby next year.

But- I am now 5 days late, have horrible taste in my mouth (maybe Ketosis- but is very different), sore boobs and am exhausted.

My question is: does anything have experience of a VLCD having an effect on the effectiveness of the Pill?

Also- is it possible that SS is just stopping my AF altogether. Had a very normal AF last month, but maybe effects have built up.

Any advice very welcome.

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Hi Helga, didnt want to stop by and not leave a post.

I've been on cd for 7 weeks and its not affected the reliability of my pill - as far as i know - haha! Have you had a d&v bug or anything over the last 6 weeks that may be the cause of your pill failing?

Not sure whether or not to congratulate on the possibility of being pregnant but will bite the bullet and say that if you are then huge congrats. You can lose weight at anytime of your life but babies cant be put on hold forever.


I have had the worst flu for nearly two weeks with V&D bad!

Might have effected things.

Thanks for the congrats- certainly would be a surprise! Not an unwanted one though. I just really wanted to be a better weight before getting pregnant as I could not forgive myself if anything went wrong.

Can't beat biology though! I will test later this week.



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Hiya hun. My af's have been all over the place since I started this diet 17 weeks ago. I was 10 days late at one stage, so in my opinion cd does have an impact on your cycle although it shouldn't impact the effectiveness of your pill. X x x


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Why don't you buy a cheapie pregnancy test and try and find out for sure.???
Good luck and hope it is the right result for you.


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Hey hun, just wanted to post - most people do find their AF is affected on SS, either earlier, later, heavier, lighter, longer or shorter (or a combination!) than normal! Just keep that in mind :) xxx


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Hi Hun,

Just incase you are pregnant, i think it would be advisable to do a pregnancy test earlier rather than later as Ketosis is not good if you are pregnant.

I didnt have any change during my stint on LL and CD, but seems many do, but better to be safe

Nas x


I would advise a pregnancy test asap. If you are pregnant then Cambridge is immediately contraindicated for you.
I got pregnant while on SS and had to stop immediately.
I had problems with my periods while on the diet last year - breakthrough bleeding being the main one. I was not on the pill when I got pregnant and we were sort of trying for a baby. It took 6 months for us ttc.


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Hi ya, if you are pregnant then really pleased for you. Have to say though I have been on cd for 8 weeks and have had periods all over the place. If you aren't pregnant then i really do think it is a good idea to lose weight first. I dont know how much you weigh but when I got pregnant ( Benjamin is now 2 and half ) I was about 16-17 stone. Not only did i get reminded that I was overweight at every appointment I had to see a consultant regulary. This is normal for overweigh mums-to-be apparently. I also had regular glucose tests and eventually got diagonosed with diabetes - luckily only pregnancy related diabetes. I had to check my blood 5 times a day and inject every night. Don't get me wrong i enjoyed my pregnancy and felt very well. I have a bad back and have had several ops but during my pregnancy I didn't suffer at all!!
I had to be induced at 38 weeks because the baby was big - again common with diabetes. Benjamin was 9 lb 8.5 oz. We had to stay in our own room on the first night as we both had to be checked for diabetes - we were both fine.
Reading this back it does sound very negative. I loved being pregnant and love being a mum, there were bigger people than me in my ward and they didnt have the problems i did so it doesnt happen to every large mum-to-be but it was enough to make me lose weight before I try for number 2 - and like you i am very broody.
Let us know how you get on and good luck!!! xxx


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Hi Helga

You ok chic?

Things happen for a reason and if its not meant to be mum time for you then its not meant to be. Keep on with your diet and you'll feel so much better about being pregnant when it does happen and you'll be a yummy mummy instead of a high risk mummy.

I agree with what Karen said too, I was about 15 stone when I fell pregnant with my son (he's 12 now - cant blame the weight on baby weight any more!) and I got a fair bit of grief from my GP and from the hospital. I ended up with pre eclampsia which they blamed on my weight, and Conor was born 6 weeks early as a result of the pre eclampsia - thankfully he was fine and we got home from the hospital together 10 days later but I didnt enjoy my pregnancy as much as I could have because I felt like a beach ball - I went up to almost 20 stone and was miserable. Would have been much happier to have been a slim yummy mummy - which I will be in a few months - yippee!!

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Good luck on the rest of your weight loss journey and I look forward to hearing about all the yummy mummy stories in the future!