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SS+ on weekends only???

Has any one done this?
I find the weeks are fine, I am busy and active with the kids (i childmind) and really do not struggle with the food issue. But the weekends are a different matter, hubby and kids are home and when we see family its nice to join in too, I did this yesterday, had packs as usual and then just had chicken and salad at tea time.
Doing a roast today and will have my soup in a bowl and was thinking of having chicken and salad again.
Would not have anything not on ss +, ie carbs etc, just wondered if anyone else has done this and lost successfully?
Will see what/ if it affects losses, if so I will stop. But this time I am not in a rush to loose the weight (did cd back in 2006) and realise slow and steady win the race.
x x x
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Laugh in the face of food
Hiya, I regularly mix SS and SS+, I start the day with the intention of having an SS day, but sometimes my third shake just isn't enough so I have SS+ meal too. I don't think it's affected my losses at all. Please don't read my signature and think these low losses relate to mixing SS and SS+, I have been less than good on the diet recently, due to various work pressures, and other stresses, so they aren't a true refelection on what my losses are like. x
wow, I was thinking the opposite! You have done fab! Well done you!

Just like you say some days I want i but most days I am fine with out! Have been reading all the CD (CWP) stuff, and it says losses are the same on SS+ and SS so I am sure 1 or 2 days a week of a small meal, within the guidelines, will not cause a problem. And if it does I can knock it on the head! xxx


Laugh in the face of food
I don't think there's been any difference between the weeks where I've done SS all week and my mixed weeks. Sometimes SS+ days are the only thing that stop me from quitting altogether. I've even gone up to the 810 plan at times, rather than slipping off CD altogether. Whatever gets you through it.... And like you say, if you do notice that your losses slow, you can fix it by going back to SS again. x


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Hi there

I have a small SS+ meal each evening and I have lost every single week. If you keep your quantites to the amounts it says in the CD book then all you are eating additionally to SS is a 200 cal meal...

My losses aren't massive, but I've lost nearly two stone in what I think is a short time, and I'm enjoying a little bit of chicken or fish and veg too. I even have the odd jelly which I make with the MAM.

I hope it helps... like Surf says if you think it's affecting your losses then it's easily fixed just go back to SSing... Good Luck x


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I do it - usually at weekends too and apart from the weeks when I've been naughty and gone off plan its worked fine.

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