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SS or SS+?


I am starting Cambridge on Tuesday (going to see me CDC tomorrow evening) and wondered if there was a significant weight loss difference between SS and SS+? I get the impression most people go for SS so wondered if there was any reason why?


Zoe x
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I think you get the same loss for both. I am doing SS but allowing myself splashes of milk (skimmed) with my tea as I cannot drink black tea. This moves it more into SS+ if I am really struggling I could have two eggs / omelette but I am going to try and use that as a last resort, so far on day 2 the 3 a day has been fine. I found the bar is good as I can break that up and eat throughout the day with a cup of tea. Just had original porridge and that was nice, so getting there. Good luck


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I have done SS and SS+ and there wasn't a difference between them. My friend did the 810 and she actually had bigger losses than me (though she was a bit bigger). I think all the plans work, it is identifying the one that you can stick to. Some people find SS easier because it takes food out of the equation totally and it is very black and white, whereas others needs that little bit of normality that eating a meal gives. I personally did SS to start and then because I didn't like any of the savoury soups went onto SS+, and it was a life saver.
hi , there is no difference weigh loss wise between SS and SS+ but like a PP said , its finding what you can stick to best . I find SS loads easier than SS+ as i find introducing that small amount of food just makes me want more , its just not satifying enough for me so its easier just to have the 3 packs . Some people find the small meal just enough to help them stick to the plan so its totally individual . I hope you find the plan that works best for you x
Thanks guys, I think I am going to do SS+ for the first week but with 4 shakes and the milk, not the food, I dont think I could handle the little bit of food, would rather not have any! If I find it ok then I might go down to SS the week after, just want to give myself the best shot!



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Sounds good... you will be amazed at how full you get on the shakes. I never fails to amaze me.
I had 7shakes on day 1, 7 on day 2, 6 yesterday, and eased onto 3 today..... I find the first three days really hard as my stomach has stretched and I usually feel starving on just three, its expensive way to get started but worth it, even though i've had the extra shakes, i have lost 8lbs of the 10lbs I put on already :)
i started SS last week but got the worst headaches and migraine ever so i came off plan on day 4 i think it was so i am re starting tmrw on SS+ but by having 3 shakes and 1 bar rather than any food as with me its all or nothing and i think if i have food il find it hard to draw a line and limit my self to what i should have! i did LL 3 yrs ago which was shakes, 1 bar and a savoury hot water flavouring a day and i did this plan 100% for 12 wks and lost 3 1/2 stones with very little problems so im hoping SS+ will work for me in the same way. Good luck with your plan what ever one you decide :) x

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