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Hi all,this is my first ever post and I was just wondering :rolleyes: has anyone got any ideas for the 200cal meal or recipes on SS plus. I have been on SS for 5 days now and Iam thinking of starting the SS plus after my 1st weigh in and also is it really necessary to have 3 cd shakes and a 200 cal meal :crazy: ??? Iam 12 st 11Lbs and I really want to get down to 10 st !!!!! :sign0009: help .....
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Why?? If your loosing why go onto ss+?? I have to because of physio but on the days I don't do activity I don't eat.

Meals wise I eat egg White omlette with ham slice 30cals or a oatbran omelette 160cals, tuna salad etc
I actually prefer SS+, i like having a meal every day. still lose an average of 3lb a week. Meal wise - i have tuna with paprika on and salad (lettuce and cucumber). Boiled eggs. Chicken and brocolli or cauliflower.
I'm only on day four but finding SS plus a lot easier to stick too. I only did the SS for one day. I have my little meal at tea time so I keep going all day to look forward to it. (Sad or what!!) but There isn't a lot of choice. So far I've had tuna and salad leaves, and chicken and broccoli. Anything tastes better than a butterscotch shake. I had one today and was looking forward to it and it was awful I blended it for ages and put in about eight ice cubes and it was still totally horrible. You can have prawns too. I might try prawns one day though I'm not mad about them.
I eat on the days I have to (hard core painkillers as broken leg) I split it into 2, egg whites are 10cals whereas full egg 63cals, I eat turkey bacon, also make turkey burgers which are 40cals each nice with salad.

I tend to not follow ss+ meals as the measurements are right out!!! So I measure my own 200cals using 'my fitness pal' app and my hubby who is great at maths lol

I ate chickpea and chicken tapas other day homemade and 80cals. I drink 4 litres water a day, eat 3/7 (physio days) and in 5 weeks have lost 23lb.
I agree on the butterscotch shake. I love butterscotch, toffee, fudge, caramel - any flavour like that in ice cream or shakes or icing or whatever. So when I was on CD I couldn't wait to try a butterscotch shake. What a shock when I took my first sip. Ewwwww! It's really nasty. But like every other flavour there will be some Cambridge dieters who just love the butterscotch!
why are you eating just egg whites? ss+ is 2 eggs. the whole egg, yolk and white.
Egg White = 10 calories whole egg = 63 calories so I have 4 egg White omelette.
it's the nutrients you need to think of. 4 egg white omelette is not the same as 2 eggs. you need to stick to 2 eggs and ignore egg whites
I need to stick to what suits me. I've been on a combination of ss and ss+ for 6 weeks and am -27lb! Think it's working fine. Didn't eat egg yoke before as high in fat which causes cholesterol.


I will get into that wedding dress!
Nutrition Information for Egg Whites
Egg whites are an excellent source of protein. Most of the calories in an egg are in the yolk because the yolk contains nearly all of the fat. The white of an egg, however, contains 60 percent of the protein in the egg while containing only 21 percent of the calories. All values in this article are for two raw egg whites. Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) percentages are for adults under age 50.
Two egg whites contain 32 calories. This is much less than the calories in two whole eggs, because 79 percent of the calories in an egg are in the yolk. Very few of the calories in eggs whites come from carbohydrates. There is less than 1g of carbohydrate in two egg whites and less than .46g of sugar. This is a mix of sucrose, glucose, fructose, lactose, maltose and galactose.
Two whites contain only .12 g of fat. Egg whites also contain no cholesterol, as opposed to the 426mg of cholesterol in two whole eggs.
The majority of calories in egg whites come from protein. There are 7.2g of protein in two egg whites, comprised of 18 different amino acids. Egg whites contain all of the essential amino acids, which means they are a complete protein.
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this is not the cambridge diet!

A lot of us love to eat eggs for breakfast, especially after finding they could help with weight loss. You may be throwing away the yolks to cut calories and reduce cholesterol, which is fine but did you know that most of an egg's nutrients are found in the yolk? Take a look at the comparison below to see what you may be missing.

The Cambridge Weight Plan quantities, weights and measurements for all approved additional food are scientifically determined to complement the packs/plans. Every part of the egg, and the essential nutrients contained in that whole egg, will have been included in these vital calculations.

If the diet official guidelines say eggs they mean, whole eggs, not egg whites, alone. For all the calories and fats you may feel you are saving you are in fact losing the nutrients Cambridge expects you to include. For optimum health, that is. Once you start to tamper with the diet, decrease this, increase that, cut calories and fats, you are, as an earlier poster stated, NOT doing Cambridge as it is intended to be followed.

I have to say, and of course this is a personal opinion, that egg white only omelettes, which may be fine for competitive body builders and athletes whose 'training' diet includes vast quantities of albumen, whey protein, chicken, fish, and expensive vitamin and mineral supplements, strikes me as bordering a little on the obsessional for the average UK dieter, particularly one already seriously limiting food intake and calories on a VLCD.

I think perhaps you should run this by your Consultant for an informed opinion. Thereafter should you decide to continue with the egg white omelettes, fair enough. But there is a great deal of goodness in the yolk and it may be that you can ill-afford to do without it on such a restrictive diet.

All the best with whatever you decide x
I have discussed this with my physio, consultant and nutritionist (my CDC wouldn't have an informed opinion) they have all agreed with me that I have chosen to do a vlcd, 4 days SS, 3 days SS+ because of hardcore painkillers so I split my 200cals into 2. It works FOR ME. I couldn't give a sh*t what anyone else thinks tbh as I'm proud of my achievements.
as i say you are NOT following guidelines but taking upon yourself to do your 'own' thing! please considered the safety and the years of formulation of this diet and do it as it is written. you are doing the cambridge diet, not anything your nutritionalist has given you to do. if you wish to do something your nutritionalist has advised then i would also advice you to do a different diet. if something were to happen to your health because of a mixture of this diet and adhoc advice that shows no understanding of the concept of dr alan's research then you've only yourself to blame and adding in swearing doesn't make your acheivements anymore crediable. remember what got you where you were so that you needed to do the cambridge diet. not following guidelines might result in a return to a previous state. please follow the diet as it is written. yes you can halve your ss+meals but do it at the values and whole products given. they're given for a reason. if you on such hardcore painkillers than i think ss+ is a bad decision for you and then the 810 would be better suited until such time that you do not need these painkillers. if any operations are necessary then a programme of 1200 and above should be followed. if you are needed to heal then 1200 and above should be followed. it sounds like you don't really care about your body.
Kiwili said:
I have discussed this with my physio, consultant and nutritionist (my CDC wouldn't have an informed opinion) they have all agreed with me that I have chosen to do a vlcd, 4 days SS, 3 days SS+ because of hardcore painkillers so I split my 200cals into 2. It works FOR ME. I couldn't give a sh*t what anyone else thinks tbh as I'm proud of my achievements.
I don't really understand everyone's distress. CD is designed so that you get all the essential elements in SS. If you are supplementing that as in SS+ then your not missing on anything you already get with the packs. CD is very prescriptive because it's then clear to everyone but I really can't imagine why making up you + in a slightly different way is a problem especially if your version is lower carbs which is the key.

Well done on your losses and go girl x
Woah woah woah! Some people getting a little excited on this thread! Did you think that the egg whites are in addition to any nutrients she would be getting from doing SS?? So she's not missing out on anything!!

I think egg White omelettes are a good idea and the sort of changes we should be thinking about making in order to maintain our weight loss!

You carry on Kiwii and who cares if you have tweak the diet so it suits you. I've done it, loads of people do! Well done with your loss so far, keep up the good work!! Xx
all i am saying is that egg whites are NOT on the cambridge ss+ list.... eggs are! stick to what has been adviced and designed by he people who know what they are doing. if you deviate then don't do cd! simple!
Why not deviant on cd though? Egg whites aren't a Big fat carby cake!! Chill and realise that as suggested get all nutrients from ss.

If it makes you feel better to label me as a cd wrong doer fair enough! But as far as I'm concerned I am successfully doing CWP.

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