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  1. Loopy_Lou

    Loopy_Lou Just about on the wagon!


    Just a quick question really. I can't remember if I had the same thing last time around, but I seem to be sleeping in a coma, and having really bizarre dreams. When my alarm goes off, I have no idea where I am.

    I've not had this before. I'm going to bed really early at 10pm or before, but at 7:30am I can't wake up.

    Is this a SS thing? Or am I just a weirdo? ;)

    Has anyone else noticed a difference in their sleep patterns??


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  3. Miel

    Miel French Honey

    Haven't noticed it myself, but could be with a few bizarre dreams so send them this way ;)

    Mind you, I am an incredibly heavy sleeper and never wake up properly until lunchtime, and then it's down hill from there. :D
  4. descent

    descent Full Member

    I am definetly sleeping better at night, I'm dreadful normally.
  5. Loopy_Lou

    Loopy_Lou Just about on the wagon!

    Oooh thank you! It's really strange. I'm not having peculiar or scary dreams, just really detailed ones. Like the other night I dreamt I was in this spa type place, but I wasn't a member so I was in the reception looking around. There were loads of things to try like perfumes and make up, and there was a nail polish I really liked and was trying to steal!! :confused: Every time I tried to put it in my pocket someone came to talk to me. Very bizarre. When I woke up I had no idea where I was or what day it was.

    If I think about it, it's been since I got into ketosis. I don't mind it at all, it's quite interesting, but I've never slept as deeply or dreamt so much.

    Miel, I'll send you a few! :p

    Spooky!! :whistle:

  6. Miel

    Miel French Honey

    I had one once where I was in bed with Robbie Williams, but that was before CD so it doesn't count. I didn't want to wake up from that one though I can tell you :D
  7. Loopy_Lou

    Loopy_Lou Just about on the wagon!

    LOL - I bet you didn't!!!

  8. imlosingit

    imlosingit Full Member

    I'm having really odd dreams as well, I don't normally remember my dreams but I am waking up each morning knackered, because I am either running or fighting something. Ketosis affected me like this last time I did CD. X
  9. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    I dont feel rested after sleep either, & have had some very vivid odd dreams too. I am going to bed earlier and earlier (Like any minute now), I drop off fast, but wake up exhausted??
  10. unreal83

    unreal83 Want to be a yummy mummy!

    Thats all strange because I read that you need less sleep when on SS and are in ketosis.

    I havent really been having vivid dreams so I think that I am in a deep sleep and getting enough and waking up earlier.

    Maybe you aren't getting into a deep sleep as they say that you dream when you are sleeping very lightly!!

    Robbie Williams? Oh yes...definately worth staying in bed for!
  11. Miel

    Miel French Honey

    Wasn't all taking place in the bed I can tell you;) Wish I could have another one, but this time with Sean Bean as he was about 15 years ago please:D. Oh now I'll never get to sleep :)
  12. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Dont know if it was joining this thread y'day, but last night I slept very badly, with the most bizarre dreams ever. It was about my boss,(mainly) who I truthfully dont have a thing for, and it was physical in an odd sort of way. He fainted & I had to resuscitate him, then hold his hand and take care of him..... Its not the first time I've dreamt about him, whilst on CD, and it always takes an odd turn!!!

    Any dream directories out there??

    PS I wish DH would hurry home from Sri Lanka, I never sleep well whislt he is away, and its worse on CD than ever!
  13. goolian

    goolian Fab & Fit For Florida

    on my first night, tuesday, i was dreaming about cheese, which really annoyed me when i woke up lol

    but i'm normally a really heavy sleeper, but i'm not sleeping that well at the moment, dunno if it's due to cd though...
  14. Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie Silver Member

    I'm sleeping much better since being on CD. Hope it doesn't stop when I'm back to conventional eating because I was a terrible sleeper before.
  15. goolian

    goolian Fab & Fit For Florida

    Lisa-Marie what does AAMW mean on your sig?
  16. emma237

    emma237 Gold Member

    I am sleeping a lot better at night, but can't wake up in the morning and feel more tired than when i went to bed x
  17. Jue xx

    Jue xx Full Member

    Since starting CD I'm finding it much harder to get to sleep, and often find myself laid wide awake with my mind racing until the early hours. When I do finally drop off, I really struggle to get up with the alarm and feel like I haven't slept.

    It's definately the ketosis that's causing it, I'm sure.
  18. Loopy_Lou

    Loopy_Lou Just about on the wagon!

    Oooh thank you everyone for proving I'm not a freak! Well, not regarding sleeping anyway.

    I kind of look forward to going to bed now to see what will happen. Last night I dreamt I was learning Mandarin and it was very hard. Strange!! :crazy:

    Anyway I feel a lot better knowing it's not just me. Thank you everyone for sharing your nuttiness with me! :party0011:

    Now, I wonder what's tonight ... :p

  19. MissB

    MissB Full Member

    Am the same, usually a very heavy sleeper and never rememebr my dreams but having realy detailed dreams and remember evry bit of it. other half wok me at about 3 this morning as I was having a full blown conversation in myseleep and kept poking him asking why he wasnt answering me. Also keep laughing out load in my sleep which fereaks him out, now calling me his little homocidal maniac...nice
  20. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    I confessed my two recent dreams about my boss to my colleagues today. BIG mistake!!! They are all convinced I have a thing for him. (Honest, nothing could be more wrong!!) After all, he is gossiped about constantly because he is very in touch with his feminine side, if you get my drift, despite being married with 4 kids!! He has a clsoe family member who is "out", and we all think he wishes he could be too!!!!
  21. coulters1

    coulters1 New Member



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