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SS'ing 7 Day Challenge... Episode V (here it is)

So here it is and my god do I need it... I've been off The Wagon now for 5 days and I can't get my head back in to that "SPECIAL" place....

So for anyone else feeling like me at the moment this is the 7 Day SS'ing Challenge.

I'll be posting on here as from tomorrow morning telling you and myself how well I'm doing...!!!! :rolleyes:

Anyone wishing to join me???? you're are more than welcome. The support I got from you ladies in Episodes I - IV was incredible and really helped... This diet can be very lonely in the outside world sometimes so it's fab to know you're all here doing the journey with me...

Tomorrow is a new day and today will be behind me...

H xx
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Hi H

I definately need Episode V. I've lost my mojo a touch over the last few days, mostly due to tiredness. I've been away to Crewe to do a training course because I'm setting up a business as a Weight Matters consultant - so like you when I get sorted I'll no doubt be mega busy and stressed and will struggle. That's not in the immediate future so I need to get on with losing some weight now. Ketosis gives me a great buzz and I think I'm going to need it!

As I've been away from the PC for a few days did you post photos from MF yet? There have been so many posts since I went I'm overwhelmed!
Here's to the 7 next days being 100% :party0036:. Oops, probably not the best smilie, but you know what I mean ;)!
hi girls,

youll need to be very stern with me this week. i was half thinking of throwing in the towel altogether. i havent found the wagon after my hols yet!! due a WI in saturday and I know the results will not be good. starting ss again tomorrow.

good luck everyone x


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I'm in. I really need help this week. I had a major pig out at my mums on Sunday and I'm really struggling to get back into it properly now.

Right then, how are we all feeling today? I know we have all (every one of us who's signed up) had a recent slip off the wagon.

Firstly that doesn't make us bad people - just human. Secondly it's not the end of the world and as of today we are going to help each other to get through the week.

We are all relying on each other and I'm here for everyone, so just shout!

Laney, don't throw in the towel. I gave up so many times in the last year, but I'm still trucking and I know it will be worth it!

+ve :vibes::vibes::vibes:for all of us today, because I know we can do it!


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Morning Sarah,

Well I am awake and feeling like crap, but I am determined, I jumped (not literally) on the scales and those 3lbs have gone back on, so I will crack this this week, really hungry so am off to get some water, and half a tetra in a coffee....

How are you feeling this morning? Are you raring to go?

I got up this morning and as I was in the shower I was saying mmmmmhhhhhh Im gonna have some yummy toast and tea for my brekkie and then it hit me! Today is 1st day back on CD :cry: Oh well the toast will have to wait!

Im in a bad mood. Im tired but I will survive CD today :D Moan over!!

How is everyone?? Westiegirl is right. Weve all been bold this past week so come on everyone and lets get it together. Stern talking to is needed if were having naughty thoughts and pats on the back needed when were doing ok:D

Do you guys split the tetras all the time?? Does it fill you more?? What do I do? Half a cup of hot water with half a tetra??
Morning all...please can I join too???

The weekends are my biggest hurdle, but thankfully the only person who will be eating over this coming weekend are my In-Laws and my Daughter!! Hubby is starting CD too, so at least I can provide him support, as I think he really is going to need it!!!
Morning all

Here I am, raring to go with restart. How long will that last I wonder! By tonight I'll be wanting to eat because I know there is nice food hiding in the fridge so I'm going to have to use a truckload of willpower this evening!

Luckily my house is a tip (lol) so that will give me some distraction from food today trying to get it tidy :D

I'm going to need to keep reminding myself to drink the water. I have been really neglecting that over the last 10 days. So today I will aim low and increase it over the next few days. So my water goal today is 3.5 litres and I'm going to build it back up to 4.5 to 5 litres once I get going properly on SS.

Good luck everyone!



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Morning Ladies, If you don't mind I'm going to join this club! Im re starting (AGAIN) and today is day 1 of ss for me. I've got to get through the next 3 1/2 weeks on it 100% and try and shift a stone and 3lbs before going back to school for a reunion type thing and I don't want to go back fat eek!

So here is to the next 7 days, loads of water + 3 shakes only....!

N xx
hi girls,

youll need to be very stern with me this week. i was half thinking of throwing in the towel altogether. i havent found the wagon after my hols yet!! due a WI in saturday and I know the results will not be good. starting ss again tomorrow.

good luck everyone x
Laney! Don't throw in the towel. You can do it! We need to remember that weight has come off before, so it WILL come off again and we know how quickly that can happen once we get back into it. If we both stick to it after our holiday blips then in only a few days time we'll be SO glad we did because we will start to see results. Don't worry about your Saturday weigh in, you could even ask your CDC not to tell you the result if you think it might discourage you to know it. You could ask her to tell you when you get to a certain weight like Hannah is doing :)

Best of luck for today, don't give up, you can do it :D

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