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Ssing at bmi 25?

Hi everyone... I have just reached bmi 25 at 11 stone 1.... My CDC is letting me ss to 10 stone so another few weeks and then move up the steps. This is because I am still not happy with my body. I am a size 12-14 so I am not exactly skinny or anything. I just don't want to have done all this hard work just to stay at a weight and size I am not happy with....

What are peoples views on this? Does anyone else agree that it depends on the individual and that everyone can be different sizes at the same bmi?

Advice or input would be lovely :) xx

sw: 13.13 w1:13.4 w2:13.0 w3:12.9 w4:12.5 w5: 12.2 w6:12.0 w7:11.9 w8:11.8 w9:11.1
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I think your right. I'm 5ft 7 and at 13stone 7 am a size 12/14 and I'm not small chested of anything so when it says I should be 11 stone I know I'd have no shape at all and be too skinny. As long as you are healthy and not too skinny you should be find to carry on xx

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I think that bmi is just a guideline. I will be a healthy bmi at 11.5 and expect to be about 11.8/9 at my next weigh in but I still have a lot of fat on my stomach and thighs. My goal weight is 11.0 but I'm now not so sure and think I may need to go lower. My CDC is keen for me to say on SS for as long as possible but I thought we were supposed to go up a step once we had a bmi of 25. I am confused...


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Hi, I thought you could stay on ss as long as your lowest BMI of 20 is + 1 stone so I think your both fine to stay on it. I'm 5 7 and my 25 BMI is 11 stone and 20 BMI is something ridiculous in the 8 stones so Im planning on staying on this way in to the 10 stones maybe even a bit in the 9's.

Good luck


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my bmi is 24.1 I believe, and im still SSing. my overall goal is 8st but i plan to SS until i get to around the 8st 7lbs - 8st 12lbs mark just so that i can get into a 'safer' zone before i reintroduce food. i've been at my current weight (9st 6lbs) before on other diets and never seemed to get any further, whether that was my willpower diminishing or just me struggling to lose weight as the goal got nearer i'm not sure but until i get this extra half a stone off for now im sticking to SS. i know SS definitely works, even though my losses are slowing up a bit. i worked out that if i lose 2lbs a week from now until the end of september, i would be around 8st 3lbs so thats good enough for me! i think you should do what you think is best, im still a size 12 myself so another stone should get me where i want to be hopefully!

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