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Staggered Start????

Hi - I am planning to attend first intro meeting on 5 August. I have a BBQ party to attend on 8 August - is it better to start on the 9th so as not to ruin good work? Also have hols 1st week in Sep so is it possible to lay off for a week and continue upon return?

Appreciate these might affect weight loss results but want to balance with having a life? sorry if this sounds poor commitment :eek:
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sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hey , welcome to mini mins,
in all honesty it sounds like youre not really ready for the level of commitment required by lighter life right now, its probably better to wait until after the hols , or even if this is the programme for you at all.
whether choosing lite or full abstinence means 100% commitment and following the programme completely , its really a waste to follow it half heartedly. perhaps sw or ww is the programme for you right now until you feel able to do it fully .
sorry if this sounds harsh or all or nothingish :0) its just that lighter life is an amazing programme if followed correctly but it doesnt leave any room for half measures .
good luck with whatever you decide we are all here to encourage and support you when and if you decide to give it a go xx
Hiya - thanks for the reply. Its poor timing really rather than lack of commitment as these were already in the diary. I do want to give this a try as despite WW/SW i still ended up 3 stone overweight. A colleague had great success on this plan and I really think I might be ok on it having chatted with her daily. Perhaps might wait until after hols might be better plan.
You will have lost a stone by your holiday if you start now.

There will be other BBQ's ;) And - it is perfectly possible to follow the diet 100% on holiday - I managed one month in america and didn't lapse at all. it was a wonderful feeling.

You will learn on the diet that your social life can carry on, that it does not *have* to revolve around food. Though most of us lived a life where it did - the truth is - it does not have to.

Just some things for thought. If you are into it and up for it now, I say strike while the iron is hot. :)

I do agree with Sukie - unless you are prepared to give 110%, it will be a struggle and best left until you are - only because you will find it very sstressful - this is not an on this week - off next week diet. It can work that way = but at a cost. If you are prepared, you will soar.

Good luck.
I agree with the others Bibi. If you decide to postpone your start until after the bbq, or your holiday something else will come up, a wedding or a birthday party - eventually Christmas.
You could have lost all your weight llong before then.
Think of the little black dress for Christmas parties................
Ask BL about the LBD she bought for last Christmas?
Good luck whatever you decide.
Does anyone know why they don't teach us how to maintain our weight during abstinence - seems odd that they have a whole diff route to management bit that if you don't do you risk gaining it all back
Well Sasha, maintaining is not something you can learn "on paper", ya know? You need to "DO" it to learn it.

In Abstainiance when you are not eating it seems mopre important to focus on what made us get to the sizes we were - to address food issues and bad behaviour.

RTM is vital.

If you abstain for weeks, and then just go start eating again - even with the best intentions, I believe one might be setting themselves up for heartache.

I am a couple of weeks away from my 1 year anniversary of when I stopped abstianing and started RTM.

NEVER in my life had I kept weight off a MONTH - let alone a YEAR!!!. I know I would not have kept it off if I didn;t do the full 12 weeks of RTM. I learned LOADS.

Its a brilliant way to do it. You just cannot learn about maintaining without actually doing it.

My two penneth. :)
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sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
totally agree , cant learn about healthy eating without actually eating , kinda like riding a bike without the erm... bike !!!

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