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So after an AWESOME first week, a pretty lame second week ... I am getting the impression that somethings up!

My weight is yo-yoing more than a yo-yo! And I have a horrible feeling its down to what I am eating. Over the next few weeks I am going to try and go a week without one of the stallers.... each in turn to see whether its one of those!

So I was wondering if you guys could help me out by helping build my list!

I know of:

a) Atkins Bars
b) Cheese
c) Fizzy Drinks

Is there anything else that can cause you to stall?
I really don't want this to end already! :sigh:
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I had a similar situation last year where my weight didn't lose or gain for 4 weeks. I think for me it was lack of exercise. Though strange enough after the 4th week I switched from low carb to low cal and the weight dropped off again.

However I'm back on Atkins now. Hehe
Cream can be a staller too. And for me the sugar free jelly as well. Make sure you eat regularly too, I'm pretty certain that's what impacted on my lower loss this week.
Hope you sort it out. GOOD LUCK!
I can't have cream anyway so I am lucky with that one! Not had any sugar free jelly yet either!
Just gotta keep at it! So frustrating though! I'm charting absolutely everything! So i know numbers wise I'm okay! Its just something else going on!

What does clean and green involve!?



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It's just your chosen protein and green leafy stuff. For instance, today I had chicken fillet and sweet and crunchy salad for breakfast, lunch will be pork chop with cabbage medley and mushrooms and dinner will be prawns and french style salad leaves and I'm still trying to think of something to make up the rest of the carbs as that's only seven for the whole day so far! Lol.
heheh! That sounds pretty do-able!?
So is that no oil/butters?
How about drinks? Just water?

Thanks again xx
Thanks so much Leanne, I will definitely give that a go!



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That's interesting Jools, I love tomatoes and eat at least two a day. Perhaps that's why my weight loss hasn't been that great.


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It took someone else on here to figure it out for me hun. Sometimes we can't see what we are eating thats stalling us but someone else can.
I absolutely love them on my salad with a bit of salt but hey ho!

Good Gracious! I eat tomatoes nearly every day! Wouldn't even have considered!

I'm a little bit worried now! I could be eating clean and green and still be hindering :/


This is really the time!
Citric acid in diet drinks, certain sweetners give a glucose response in some people, not enough water, some people caffiene hinders them...

Exercise can help a lot. Not too much cardio I believe a study showed...due to lack of carbs. I think it is a bit of cardio with some resistance training :)

Good luck and keep chatting on here. Maybe post an example of a couple of days food, so it can be scrutinised :)


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Hi all. I think tomatoes are one of my slowers or stallers too! Shame really:(


This is really the time!
I think I am going to have to ween myself off tomatoes if my weight starts sticking lol
I said this somewhere else I think but the original Atkins '72 classed tomato's as a fruit and they were not allwed on induction

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