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So I have been on Dukan for almost nine weeks now and have lost a total of 25lbs. I havent lost anything however for a good couple of weeks. I have upped my excerise (walking everyday for up to an hour during the week, up and down the stairs at work, Zumba for an hour once a week and bodytone for 45mins once a week) and I have been sticking to my diet.

I last weighed myself just before TOTM and weighed again today (mid-day after lunch on boots scales - i usually weigh on my mam's - so I know they arent the same) and I weigh exactly the same. So im feeling a bit disheartened especially in light of my extra exercise.

People keep telling me how great im looking and my arms seem to have shrunk and my boobs again so im wondering whether it could be muscle??

Also, I was talking to my friend about it today and she was saying how I will plateux or however you spell it, but I was thinking ive only been on this 9 weeks how can I stall already? then she asked me how much i'd lost and I said almost 2 stone. She thought it was amazing) I heard myself say it out loud and thought to myself, actually two stone in two months is actually pretty damn good! No wonder my body is stalling ive lost two stone! And I am on my period (tho im usually lighter by now).

Just wondering whether anyone thinks this is normal? Im being sooo good. I even wanted a hazelnut latte today but resisted:flirt2: very proud of me!

If anyone has any experience of this or advice regarding it, it would be very much appreciated.

Sorry for waffling and thanks for reading x
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Hi Emms - I think it is completely normal and since you've upped your exercise you probably are adding muscle. Keep up the good work and start tracking measurements for a while; hips, waist, bust, arms, thigh, and neck. If you've got access to one of those scales that does body fat calculations or belong to a gym that can measure body fat vs. muscle percentages - try measuring that every two weeks or once a month (whatever they are willing to do for free is my rule). Its really cool to see those numbers go down and that will let you know that this is working for you even if the scale is not budging.

Good resistance on the hazelnut latte - I drink the hazelnut infused coffee (no sugar, not sure how the chemistry magic works with those flavored beans).

And remember, waffles are not Dukan :)
I am feeling the same as you the last few days. I haven't lost anything in a week and a half... Exercising everyday too and faithful to the diet.

Do you want to know what has been so hard this week? Going down to my garden and picking beautiful red, ripe strawberries and not being able to eat a single one..:cry: What is even worse (I don't know why I do this) is I have made two strawberry pies for my family and all I can do is look at it! :sigh:

Like you mentioned, perhaps it is just muscle we are adding? It's hard to not feel defeated but I will say my clothes are fitting better, as are yours I'm sure. :)
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Mmm strawberry pie that sounds amazing!!! Well done you for resisting. Don't think I could!

Thank you to you both.

I will have to invest in a tape measure I think. My clothes do feel different and I noticed tht with my gym kit the other day and like I said I'm sure my boobs hve shrunk again - why does it leave our stomachs last?! That's the worst part but always the last to go lol.

Will keep plodding on. My calves are rock hard at the mo and really prominent so I can tell they are getting bigger and stronger. Today I braved a White dress with no tights!!! and almost every single person at work commented on how nice or good I looked. I usually keep my legs covered and avoid White!! Lol so that's good.

Thanks again! :)


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Good resistance on the hazelnut latte - I drink the hazelnut infused coffee (no sugar, not sure how the chemistry magic works with those flavored beans).

And remember, waffles are not Dukan :)
Where can I get this? If I can have even a small homemade hazelnut flavoured skinny latte with sweetner I will be happpyyyy :)


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Wow you're doing great! I'm sure the others will be along - maybe on Monday - with more suggestions, because I have none really. I did lose the weight in chunks and not a smooth curve but my longest plateau was probably 7 days. And I only ever lost as much in total as you've already achieved...

But yes - muscle weighs more than fat so if you've been upping your exercise you may just be toning - measurements may help to track that.

Coffee: I saw lots of varieties of infused ground coffees in Whittards the other day - nearly bought some too!
I see they sell online too: Order Flavoured Online | Buy Coffee Online | Whittard of Chelsea
They even have instant:
Rich Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee | Order Flavoured Online | Buy Coffee Online | Whittard of Chelsea
And according to their ingredients, only coffee and flavourings, no other sneaky additions!

I think you deserve to go and get your treat!

Have a good weekend!


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Oooo thanks for that i shall look online!!!! Mmmm my dukan diet will be complete if I can create my own dukan friendly mini hazelnut latte lol.

Thank you. Have a lovely weekend :) x
I said I'm sure my boobs hve shrunk again - why does it leave our stomachs last?!
I'm pleased I'm not the only one who is losing weight from their boobs first. I quite liked mine and have to wonder why it has to go from there before my thighs, butt or stomach. Frustrating is not the word!

I hope your stall ends soon.


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Exactly many days have you stalled?

If your body feels smaller - then you are still heading towards loss. Like other people here I didn't lose smoothly - After the first month I started stalling for 10 -12 days at a time. But, like you, my clothes still used to get looser and my waist got smaller, which was reassuring - and eventually the scales would dip, and start a stately downward slide again until the whole cycle started up again a week later.


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Thanks guys. Well I don't know because I don't weigh myself very oftn but it's been at least two weeks. I'm weighing myself on my usual scales tomorrow so hopefully there will be a loss! I feel loads slimmer my bra feels bigger, my dress today and my jacket. I'm wondering if it's water retention as I haven't been peeing very much but am drinking enough. Oh and I erm bought some lingerie today - a treat from Anne summers ;) which was a size smaller! So something is definately changing! I'll let you know what happens when I weigh tomorow. Fingers crossed xx


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Hello, I weighed myself today and have lost 3lbs!! which im sooo pleased with. I worked out as well that I had a three week stall (as it was bank holiday weekend when I last weighed myself) so that works out a 1lb a week (even though it all came off together) and one of those weeks was my period. But in total ive lost two stone! :D

I dont understand the science of it but i'm just happy that I have actually lost something now as it was starting to bring me down. Im gonna accept that my body is starting to adjust to my change in weight/shape now so might need to work a bit harder to lose more weight steadily such as exercise and ive decided to cut back on yoghurts as I havent had any the past couple of days and feel better for it. Ive baked some muffins for tomorrow so I dont have my usual yoghurt with oatbran for breakfast since im gonna try and cut down on my dairy a bit.

Thanks for everyones help.


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I have started losing probably only once in every 3 or 4 weeks. I think you just need to keep on believing and not get disheartened. The plan is more of a way of life to me at the moment.

Concentrate on how well you have done and believe that you will get to your goal.


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I'm pleased I'm not the only one who is losing weight from their boobs first. I quite liked mine and have to wonder why it has to go from there before my thighs, butt or stomach. Frustrating is not the word!

I hope your stall ends soon.
Its very annoying and because my boobs have shrunk first it makes my stomach feel bigger, especially the bottom of it. I was looking at myself in the mirror (as i do every morning when I wake up to check my stomach) and the bottom of my stomach was sticking out as much as my boobs - that never happens - but its because they have shrunk so much. Iv gone down three cup sizes! Very annoying:mad: x


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Yeay!!! Well done you! 3lbs is awesome, you must be so proud! I also had a mini stall a few weeks ago but then lost a couple of pounds the following week - it's crazy! Funny, before Dukan, I never weighed myself and now I dread Monday morning weigh ins - find myself almost praying for a loss of a pound or two!!! X congrats on your 2 stone Mark X


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Thank you very much Christell! I've just been so used to the weight coming off without a problem that the stall was a bit disheartening. Makes sense though it can't just drop off all the time. Better get used to it lol. This is exactly why I don't weigh myself everyday and do not own scales lol x

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Well done on the 3lbs loss and reaching your 2 stone milestone! :clap:


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Arriving a little late to this thread, and delighted to see your 3lb loss, Emms.

It's best to always weigh on the same scales, mind, as fluctuations can mess with the mind and no two scales are calibrated the same way. Also, if you weigh yourself at Boots after lunch, you're (hopefully?) fully dressed, and you'll have eaten and drunk at least twice!

Still if you stick to the same weighing conditions...

Good luck and keep smiling!


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Late here too Emms but want to comment (and also congrats on scale move!) All I can say is that I was totally in your spot a few weeks ago - very disheartened and could not understand the lack of scale movement (even though I work out a LOT... like 6 days a week and sometimes two different things a day). The one thing that kept me sane was measuring regularly (how do you deny an inch loss on your waist even if the scale doesn't move?)

I know its a heckofalot easier to say this now (because I was SOOOOO frustrated at the time) but it does shift. I actually moved to Conso as I didn't want to slip-up and I'm losing now as well! My size change though is even more impressive than the number on the scales. Its a hard mindset to get yourself into, but try not be dependent on the scales :)


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Thanks jess. I think I should invest in a tape measure as I'd love to see the differnce. I can tell myself by my clothes but it would be great to actually see the inches descreasing!

How are you finding consolidation? Is it any easier than cruise? X

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