Start group again today or wait a few weeks?


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Just in a dilemma- i'm a student, and i'm wanting to restart SW classes at another group which is much more convenient for me timewise! However although I realise the joining fee plus class fee would be ~£10 I only have £17 to last the week this week, although I have food in, I will be a bit short on money If I start classes! I also can't go next monday aswell, as i'll only have £20, which includes money I need for food!!!

So really- it's go tonight, and be a bit short of cash this week, or go in 2 weeks when i've been paid. Although I've been doing the diet, I havn't weighed myself yet due to unreliability of scales at the gym..and really feel classes help motivate me with the diet

What would you do?
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Personally I would start going to a group again right away, but if money is short then as long as you can stay on plan and weigh at the gym then go for it, good luck to you.


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I think if you are really motivated to be on plan then you could probably wait for a few weeks till you have more money and do it from home. You could weigh at the gym or even pop down to Boots and weigh there, Might be a bit more reliable.

But if you feel you need support of the group then go tonight and get the motivation and support you need. Just have a tight week moneywise.

Good luck on your journey and what ever you decide to do!! xx

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Or you can try and do this at home if you have the stuff in already. Read some of the diaries on here for some ideas and work to that..when you can then afford the classes then go. The classes are great and will keep you motivated, but if you want to commit now, then you can try it alone...I do.