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start managment tomorrow ...

... eek!

Had a good chat with my LLC last night. I have really struggled the last couple of weeks and am repeatedly falling off the wagon. Not with 'proper' food, either, but more of the crisps and chocolate variety.

Life is running away with me. I had a cold last week, and felt miserable. Have several things stressing me, and I reverted to old habits and took 'comfort' in food.

I also think I'm deliberately sabotaging myself. Am almost at goal, feeling good about myself for the first time in ages - and I wonder if there's a part of me that feels I don't deserve it, or something, and so am subconsiously trying to make myself fat again.

Despite all that, I still lost 4lbs at WI, which takes me to 11st exactly - and means I've finally broken the 4 stone barrier.

Anyway, as I am all over the shop; almost at goal; and a month away from my wedding (which was my deadline for going onto management), I am starting management class tonight.

Am a bit frightened, really. Need to make sure I don't use it as an excuse to eat everything that's not nailed down.

My darling fiance warned me last night that I'm not allowed to put on any weight as he wants to carry me over the threshold!!
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well done for breaking the 4 stone barrier, brilliant :p

Some people do still lose on Management, you may well be one of them, stick to the rules tho, :p listen to your cd and you'll be fine..

Congratualations on coming soo far :D
Just posted on the Jan thread. As Geri said, you do lose to start with - I've lost 7(5 if you count my heavy jeans!) in 4 weeks and that was wanting not to lose any more - there are not too many calories on offer at first:).
Well done, 4 stone is an amazing loss. I bet you are feeling great too, what an achievement.

Good luck with management and have fun with it xx
Well done on the 4 stone barrier.

Keep plugging away, and think how fantastic you will feel on your wedding day knowing you have achieved so much!

Be confident, no matter want slips you have still mastered the diet, or you would't be here now.

Good Luck on maintenance, I can only dream of that day at the moment.

Give it 100%, you deserve it :character00250:



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Hey gorgeous! I think you've done exactly the right thing. I have gone into maintenance tonight for exactly the same reasons... last night I ate a pasta shell and it took all my willpower not to eat the lot!! I could feel myself about to crack and I want to do this properly!

You look fab, you're a great weight and you may well lose more anyway!

Well done!

Did ok. It wasn't a class so much, as it was only me. LLC ran through a few things and gave me the books - you were right - so much to digest. Am still ploughing through.

Day 1 was yesterday. Had some plain cottage cheese. Not much to get excited about but I had butterflies before I ate. And then felt quite ill afterwards - bloated and pretty uncomfortable.

A lot of people have told me they struggled to eat much. I chomped through a 250g tub and could have had the same again, I don't remember registering any feelings of 'full'.

That worries me, one of my old demons is not having an off switch, and never knowing when to stop. I had also worried that being 'allowed' to eat would give me licence to go mad. I was right to worry. Had to pop into M&S on way home - and very nearly bought chocolate. Perhaps because I already knew it's 'forbidden' until Week 12, I'm rebelling.

But, survived the day, and am looking forward to more cheese at lunchtime!


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'I also think I'm deliberately sabotaging myself. Am almost at goal, feeling good about myself for the first time in ages - and I wonder if there's a part of me that feels I don't deserve it, or something, and so am subconsiously trying to make myself fat again.|'
Hi VG,
I think you need to look at that chart you made for yourself for inspiration: it's on a continuous and regular downward slope and the person who did that was YOU! That makes you more than worthy of being the person you have aspired to be. You will look fab on your day and you will also feel wonderful, and proud in the knowledge that all your efforts over the past months have culminated in this lovely person at the end of it all.
Remember how much you have already done and look forward.
Good luck on management
Good on you for not buying the choc - know how you feel;I'm "allowed" to eat so why not eat that...? That fatal thought, "A little bit wouldn't hurt.." I remember the month before I got married - a lot to think about. Just take management one day at a time and do what it says in the book - it's sensible. I went a little off-plan and suffice to say am now going by the rules.

A lot of people have told me they struggled to eat much... I don't remember registering any feelings of 'full'.

Ditto! I was surprised how much I could eat! We are all different. However I am eating sensible portions now and don't feel hungry unless I sneak something sugary (e.g. licking the cake mixture spoon!). Just eating what it says in the book will stops me going off the rails. I'll think about post-management another time.


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I have to say - the very first day I could not eat much, but after that I was well able to eat and I did not lose weight at all in maintenance. And in my class it is absolutely not the case that everyone lost weight. It depends very much on the person. I kind of assumed I would so I was disappointed when I didn't! I'm back onto maintenance again myself now for the 2nd time (long story!), on the 2nd day! I'll be very happy if I maintain!

Mrs Lard

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I can totally understand the sabotaging thing. I've just finished Foundation and will go onto Development but during the past week I have just not been as focused. I had a big weight loss at week 13, which took me over 3 stone - something I never thought I would do. And some sabotaging behaviour emerged. I strongly urge you to read AJ's various threads about management and maintenance.

I also think this is the time when crooked thinking could really jeopardise (BUT IT WON'T) all your hard work so you need to be aware and maybe do some thought records. I often say to people on minimins that they are a lifeline - and once you master them, you can get them done in no time at all. You've come so far and you have a big event coming up - when you walk down the aisle you'll want to feel that you did everything you could.

Get the support you need for the final push before your big day.

Wishing you lots of luck. And well done!

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxx

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