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Start tonight

I am joining slimming world tonight.

I hope this will be the last time I start anotehr diet. Basically I have dieted for years. I have been failing at lighterlife and cambridge for a year now and have put weight on. I got into the cycle of starve and binge - really no good for my body.

I have tried WW which I do love but it isn't teaching me healthy eating habits. I use points on low fat crisps and chocolate etc instead of fruit.

So having thought long and hard I am going to join the gym and I am going to join slimming world.

Does anyone have any tips for a new starter!!!

I will start the diet tomorrow after weigh in tonight and re-do my ticker then.

Hoping for lots of support.
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Strong women stay slim
Best one is come here , keep very strong , Think if i keep failing , The diet will become my life .
As i have found that out , i'm very strong in mind now really want to stay that way . Good Luck !
Im also a fellow re-starter after cd and goodness knows how many other diets!! One thing that did help when i was on SW the last time, was to plan my meals for the week. Because it was when i had gotten hoem late from work, and couldnt be bothred to cook i would take the easy way out and eat the wrong foods. Also i used to do a big cook, and then stick things in the freezer fridge, so when i get home i would just bung it in the microwave.

Good luck hun xx


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Huge amounts of good luck to you on starting the diet tomorrow....I am starting today myself....not going to group, just gonna go it alone at home with you guys for company and help....look forward to chatting to you lots more in the future and sharing tips!!
thanks for all the replies. Can't wait to get started now!

One quick question, which super noodles are free on green?? I do like these and they are so easy with a veg stir fry!

Hi there

Its the 98% fat free ones that you can have, there are loads of recipes on the recipes sticky at the top if you need some inspiration!!

Main tips would be to try to drink enough water, not eat too many bananas/grapes as they contain a lot of sugar, and vary what you eat. Most people have their best losses on red days, but experiment with both to see what works best for you - good luck!

I started this week too - hope it goes well for you!

It seems quite simple although i must admit i am missing the snacks.

I didn't know that about bananas and grapes... i've been eating loads of them eek.

Off to the market tomorrow for lots of fruit and veg nom nom nom xx


Strutting her stuff
This thread is almost four years old so my guess is this ship has sailed :D

Welcome to SW and don't worry about the bananas and grapes thing! They are no more like to make you gain weight than any other food - it's a question of moderation.
Hi circes - how strange it came up as a new thread on my screen! X
Wow blue*smartie, you've lost over 5 stone so far, well done! I'm aiming for 7 stone myself, long time to go yet but it's so encouraging to see great weight losses like yours.


Sue x
Thanks Topaz :D Its taken me a year, with some wobbles on the way. Best advice I can give you is to just stick with it through the tough times and you'll get there too.
I am now sat here wondering how Wobbly got on and whether they are now happily at target :)
ha ha not been around for a while.

Still fat and probably fatter than back then.

Cambridge diet and lighterlife have done me no favours over the years, made me starve binge on and on and am definately my biggest ever.

Keep thinking I will have a wild weekend and start cambridge Monday, but Monday never comes!!!!!

Have logged back on to see whats going on but am thinking of rejoining SW as I know it's a healthier diet x x

How weird this thread popped back up.,....

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