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Started Atkins for the first time yesterday need a few mates to help me


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Hi all, I have been lurking for a week and yesterday decided to have a go. I haven't got a great deal to lose but would like to lose it as quick as possible.

I had a couple of slip ups yesterday (finished up the chewing gum in the drawer and had a fat free yogurt).

I have read Jim's brilliant getting started page several times and have made a shopping list for Lidls later.

Today I have had:
Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled with mixed in Mayo
1 sausage
1½ litres of water (so far)

Lunch - 3 boiled eggs
Rocket & mayo
1 litre water

Dinner - Minced beef, onion boiled egg
Rocket & Mayo
1 litre water
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Hi Jill and welcome:)


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Starting to panic about the Atkins flu that I've been reading about. As I'm home all day I'm going to try and get as much cleaning done as I can and maybe cut the grass later.


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Hi and welcome. Don't worry too much about the atkins flu, it passes and the results when it passes are fantastic. You will feel so energentic! People find that they have all kinds of fluey symptoms. I only felt a bit drained/ heavy feeling. Didn't have headaches or leg cramps or anything. So just take it in your stride it varies for each of us. Good luck and keep posting to let us know how you are getting on
hi glad you could join us ! xx


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Yay! We got another one! *dances*

Welcome! I didnt get atkins flu, so you might not either!


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Hi Jill and welcome, don't worry about the flu, it's not contagious :D


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Morning hun and a big welcome!

I didn't get Atkins flu the first time I did it but I did the second time. Its not too bad. Plenty of fluids help!

Hope its going well for you



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Hi everyone.

Well today is day 2 (TOTM arrived)

I have a load of questions for you.

20g isn't a lot so do you add up as you go?

Heinz Mayo is 1.5g per 100g (do I include the smallish amount I use each time)?

Did I read somewhere that pork scratchings are Atkins friendly? (hope so)

Just been to lidls they have
Full fat mince 500g @ £1.99
Chicken 1kg - 8 drumsticks @ £1.99

Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled with mayo mixed in before cooking
100g cooked German pork sausage - 1g n/c
1 litre water

How am I doing?
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Hi Jill
No 20g isn't alot. I do tot it up in my head as I go through the day. It might be easier to write things down when you first start. Personally with mayo I don't tend to count the carb as I don't use a lot and always have a buffer of carbs not used at the end of the day that I feel probably covers it. A bit naughty I know but I feel I get plenty veg in for my carbs.
Breakfast looked Ok. Remember to get your veggies in later in the day


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Have put this in the what are we eating today thread

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