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Started Atkins please help!!

Hiya guys,

I have started the Atkins diet yesterday and still a little confused about what I am doing:help2:
I do apologise in advance for me been dumb!!

I have order the Atkins book and now just waiting for it to be delivered so I was hoping so kind people on here could put me on the right track:sign0009:
I have been on the Atkins website and onto acceptable foods list and I am unsure on a few things:

under the cheese part it says you can have 3-4 ounces per day so does the carbs come out of the 20g a day you allowed as i looked on my cheese and it says 30g has 0.6 carbs in?

Also is meat and eggs free food on this diet or is there a limit too how much you eat a day?

Cup size is that a normal size cup we all have?
Is there anywhere that just gives the weight as i would find it easier weighing it out lol

thanks in advance:D

p.s what a fab site.xxx
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Hello livylegs and Welcome!!

I include cheese carbs in the 20g allowance, there's no such thing as free food but yes, plain meat n eggs are not counted in the carb allowance. Cup size is roughly a british coffee cup/mug size. I only use it as a rough guide, you soon learn what roughly a cup is.

Hope that helps, good luck!

We're all a friendly bunch in here, Jim's our guru and i'm sure he'll be along soon enough to help you out too. No question is a daft question, believe me i've asked a few! x
hi Claire thanks for the welcome:)

and thankyou for the reply thats a great help hunnie and I am looking over everyones posts to get some tips and ideas.xx
Hi LL, I'd be wary of too many eggs but only as they are binding! LOL

Have you read the stickies at the top? they are full of good info, also the What are we eating today thread is handy as it tells you what people are eating.

Post any questions you like, we'll all dive in to answer.

WELCOME :wavey:
Just a quick one to add - make sure you get plenty of veg carbs in your daily menu. You need about 12-15g of your 20g allowance to be vegs for v.good reason (no questions asked but trust me!).
hiya jim its great to meet you, and thanks for replying:)

I having am looking through them well trying lol theres loads of really great info on here
i just hope am doing it correctly.xx
Hi darling, Claire is being unusually reticent, she means you will be constipated. ;)
Hi and welcome Livylegs!
thanks for the welcomes guys:)
I was already to give up and go back to the WTG but i decided to try and give it a decent go! and 2lbs off this morning on the scales made me deffo want to give it a go as its only my 3rd day on the atkins
My books should be here tuesday so that might keep me on the right track cos I am getting myself mixed up with the amount of carbs in veg, however got a link off penny (thanks) with a carb counter on so I am using that.
I have worked out that if i have salad ie iceberg lettuce 1 cup, raw red pepper 1/2 cup, and scallions 1/4 cup twice a day with lunch and dinner its takes up 15.7g of carbs does that seem right? I used the carb counter but i didnt know if to minus that dietary fibre from the carb amount?
am sure once my books are here i will get the jist of it much better:)

thanks and good luck all.xxx
I have been on the atkins carb counter aswell and if its correct and I am counting them correct for my dinner I had:

2x 100% beefburgers 0
2 eggs 0
1/2 cup mushrooms 1.2
1/4 cup onions 2.8
tablespoon of mayo


2 eggs 0
30g of cheese 0.6


chicken fillet 0
lettuce 2.8
onions 2.8
peppers 3.2

13.4 carbs does seem about right as on last post i had totalled it too 15.7g without my dinner on lol
hiya guys,

i just wanted to give you a update on how am doing as i was ready to give up and go back to WTG diet only a couple of days into but i thought no give the atkins a chance:)

so far...
1 week i lost 7lbs woohoo was really happy
2nd week 2lbs
and I just got on the scales and only lost a 1lb i know i should be happy but i feel a little disappointed

I am wondering if i am slowing my weight loss down with anything am eating or drinking?

I have my atkins books now and read them about a million times but just not sure if the likes of diet coke or coke zero is allowed as it says on bottle 0 carbs, it was my birthday and my mam brought me a bottle of wine with 0 carbs and 0 fat in and I am also not sure if these are allowed cos of the 0 carbs
also ave never been a big breakfast eater so i bought the atkins breakfast bars which i enjoy and i never feel hungry its the only diet i have never felt hungry and i love that,
i am also using the carb counter in my atkins book to count carbs in my salad and veg I am eating a day and most days am not eating my full 20 carbs or maybes am not counting everything i should

help would be appreciated please
thanks claire i maybes best cut the diet coke out then, mind am going out for my b/day sat night and was going to have a few voddy and diet cokes lol
aww thanks laura and claire thats a great help for me and I am deffo gonna go from carbs on the food labels instead, and i am a big coke drinker so am gonna try and stay off it and see if helps my weight loss also i think i am gonna struggle with the alcohol yes hate to admit it but i like a night out with lasses so after saturday night am gonna stop in till my hols in 7 weeks and i want as much as poss off for my hols
I checked my ketosis level a couple of days ago and i was pink but i drank last weekend so that could be a factor like you said if my body is burning alcohol off 1st (am naughty for the drink hehe)
I will also try and have something different for my breakie and see if them bars are effecting me aswell, overall am enjoying the diet need to study some recipes like for maybes sauces and stuff for over chicken or steak i dont want to get bored with my food mind am not the greatest cook in the world but i will give it a good shot lol

thanks again ladies.xxxx
Wine with 0 carbs, I'd like some of that livy. :D
well to be honest Jim my mam picked it up for me as she saw light on the bottle and read that nutrional info and said 0 carbs and 0 fat so thought she would get it for me to try lol
it was only lambrini light and to be fair it wasnt that bad not a fine a wine but drinkable haha
I'm no connoisseur Livy, if it's low carb and alcoholic, then it's the wine for me. :)
wine have no carbs? didnt know that.. I just have avoided alcohol together.. when I have reached my goal then maybe I'll have a glass if wine until then they are off limits

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