Step 1 Sole Source Started CD on 22/01/14 - please advise / suggestion :)

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  1. Sarki007

    Sarki007 Member

    Hi lovely people, I joined this forum today :)
    currently I weigh 89.6kg - 14.11 stones and my height is 5ft 3inc (1m 60cm), I don't look very fat but I am very big boned :(
    I started CD yesterday, 22/01/14, going ok, didn't feel hungry as drinking loads of water...
    My target is to loose 4 stones 25.4 kg, just need more motivation, please feel free to advise/suggest will appreciate all your efforts :)

    Thank you lovely people


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  3. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    Hey Sarika

    Congrats on starting your journey...I've just finished week 2 and lost 5.5kgs so far - am really happy as normally lose weight very slowly. My only advise so far is stick with it and drink lots of water - look forward to hearing how you go :)
  4. Amsterdam1970

    Amsterdam1970 New Member

    Hi I'm on day 9, I lost 5 lb first week but found drinking all that water hard, (I seem to spend my life in the toilet!) it's getting better this week I think!
  5. Sarki007

    Sarki007 Member

    ohh my God Carrie well done dear :D that's awesome, 5.5 kgs in 2 weeks is excellent... and dear i'm drinking 2 litre plus water :D thanks for your motivation...
  6. Sarki007

    Sarki007 Member

    Hi Ams, do one thing, i take a 2 litre water bottle, and fill a small bottle for around 750ml and drink from there as its easier, so when finish the 720ml, i get excited that i only got little left from big bottle, this small things may help... all the best and thx for your reply

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