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  1. whoops

    whoops Full Member

    Hi all,

    Another newbie here, trying out yet another diet :rolleyes:

    I managed ok yesterday, got a bit grumpy and shaky through lack of food but I think that's probably my fault for not preparing myself properly!

    I've got about 6-7 stone at least to lose and thankfully I have hubby's support to continue with Exante for as long as I need. I did CD a few years ago and he wasn't keen then on me doing it and I had to pay for it myself and struggled so am hoping I'll manage to make it to a target weight this time!

    Made the porridge into biscuits (or rather tried too) not too sure about them and thats just looking at them! will try them shortly!

    I have one little problem, my husband has told us we're taking the MIL out for dinner at a harvester on Thursday night as it's her last week before she goes back to France and is it going to be ok to have a chicken salad or something like that or is it going to just undo my hard work this week?
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  3. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Hello and welcome! :)

    My advice, for what it's worth, is not to eat out on Thursday - the first 4/5 days of this diet are the hardest, and you will just be getting into ketosis by then. Jumping on and off the plan in the first week just makes it so much harder - take it from me, I know :eek:

    A shame that food is always involved in any celebratory thing :rolleyes:

    Good luck with whatever you decide :D
  4. Hi Whoops,

    You're my diet twin! I started yesterday too. I wasn't 100%, by the evening time I'd had the choc&orange bar, the thai chicken soup and tonnes of water but wasn't feeling it so I had a light meal (low carb) to sort me out. I found myself picking at a toffee bar watching a movie but didn't finish it. I'm hoping to go 100% today. It sounds like you've got a good attitude and making the porridge into biscuits is a great idea (I got the bumper pack so it's only shakes, soups and bars for me). I'm having my first shake at the moment, the strawberry one and not loving it. Here's to sticking this out!
  5. whoops

    whoops Full Member

    Hi Solo!

    I went to the cinema last night and it was hard not to get the usual drink/popcorn combo but I did it, the only problem was with all the water I've been drinking I couldn't sot through the movie without going for a wee!

    I bought the offer from ******* and there aren't bars in that but I've just ordered some to mix in with the other stuff, I had carbonara last night and I didn't think it was too bad, I think the milkshakes and soups might take getting used to too!
  6. whoops

    whoops Full Member

    Thank you Darcy,

    I know that avoiding will be the best plan but I think hubby won't be impressed if I sit there not eating so think I may just go for salad and persuade my son who doesn't eat much to have a chicken dish and share it with me!
  7. bethanierox1

    bethanierox1 Member

    Hey im bethanie :)
    I also started yesterday at 20.6st have got alot of weight to lose but for the time being my goal is 4st.

    Yesterday I had 2 shakes and a bit of pie instead of a 3rd shake :( but today I have completely stuck to it so I am proud esp watching my boys eat lunch I could just eat it all up haha!

    Weighed myself this morning and ive already lost 2lbs so not bad, im a serial weigher haha I said I wouldnt weigh for a while but usually end up doing it every morning lol ooops, I love this site for support do any one you have facebook ? Xxx
  8. whoops

    whoops Full Member

    Lol I'm a serial weigher too according to my scales I've lost 5lb I think they're a bit dodgy though!

    I'm starting at 20st 2lb so not too different to you.

    I bought my kids mcdonalds last night and tonight I need to get some food shopping so am really being tested!

    I'm on Facebook I'm clairejhill I think as a username
  9. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Hi all :)

    Whoops id id go along with what Darcy said and avoid eating if it were me, I'd go out with them, drink water and claim to have toothache if your mum in law doesn't know you're doing the diet. If you do feel that you have to have something then I'd ask for a piece of grilled chicken with salad or something similar..

    Wishing you all luck with the diet!
  10. jellybellies

    jellybellies Full Member

    Good luck with whichever way you decide to go tomorrow, I personally would have a chicken salad, no dressing of course and ask for the chicken to be grilled and only have green salad with it, that way it shouldn't affect you too much, only a bit of mental torture but thats the norm on this diet eh?! hahaa
  11. whoops

    whoops Full Member

    Everything seems to be going ok at the moment, weighed myself this morning and I've lost 9.5lb!! I'm so pleased.

    We went to harvester last and had 1/2 chicken breast and some salad plus a few mushrooms which the chef kindly cooked in water rather than oil!

    I've woken up not feeling hungry so don't think it's spoilt things but I won't be trying it again!!
  12. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Well done on the loss - fantastic! :D

    Also well done for the sensible food choice in the restaurant :)
  13. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    That's a great loss, well done :D

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