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started lipotrim on friday and need help x

hi hun, the symptoms you are describing are quite normal in the first few days, hang on in there, drink loads of water and take some painkillers if you have a headache. You are almost over the worst first few days x x x
Oh my god jo 1 you sound just like me lol, especially when you mentioned the wine lol.

I started on Friday and today has been the worst day yet (day 3), Ive been very tired and headachy and find i'm quite slow in it, my other friend that is doing it has cheated and my hubby caved last night and god himself a take away but Im determind to get through this, need to do about 6 weeks on it as being a bridemaid and with weighing 16st 3 lbs it aint good! This is a hard died but it needs doing on my part. Good luck with it. this forum is great if your feeling rough and feel like quitting, the support you get is fab! xxx



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Hey Jo. Yeah, this is unfortunately how you feel the first few day so is deffo normal. Take advantage and get some early nights in! I no it sounds boring but honestly, the extra sleep plus the energy boost you feel after them first few days, its worth it!! Good luck xx


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Hi, I started Friday also so I know how you are feeling plus I know how you are going to feel, I've restarted on my LT journey. I kept myself really busy today cos I knew I would be feeling very hungry today, you get lots of energy on day 3. Tomorrow, day 4 and day 5 may be tough as you will feel cold and tired but it will improve after that. Keep going you're getting through the hardest week.
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All I can say is poor you xx it will get better but hang in there xx
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Its also my first time on LT and I also started on friday :rolleyes: I have found myself to be hungry today too but have alot of energy at the mo....am usually slumped on sofa with bar of galaxy and a lager with no energy at all.. so I guess its a bonus and a good thing...does this mean Im in ketosis now then??:) have cooked steak chips and veg for the rest of the family and although i was hungry i didnt fancy any of it at all....which was really weird!!! i usually have no willpower at all but am surprising myself with how easy it actually is....its brill and the support from peeps on this site makes it even more so....:D


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You can do it and it gets easier....Honest!!!!! good luck!


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Hooray!!!!, you are doing brilliant, it does get better, I started last Tuesday and have been feeling very dizzy when I stood up fast and my head has been very woolly and not very fast at thinking. Ordinary paracetamol is ok to take. Hope it gets better next week : )
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This is to be expected, but, don't worry, it will get better!! & it will be worth it when you see your first weeks loss!!

Good luck :)

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The first week can be tough but it will get better in no time. Try finding ways of increasing your water intake. I am trying different leaf teas to add variety. This will help with the headaches/dizziness. I am also allowing myself more 'me' time in the evenings to pamper myself (facials, hair treatments, nails etc), reading and catching up on recorded tv/dvd's and early nights to avoid temptations (which for me are wine, nibbles and chocolate). I am now experiencing the benefits (i've started week 3) and I'm feeling great (inside and out) and so will you. Keep up the good work. You can do this and you will be rewarded at weigh in. You'll see.

Take care
Mimi x

Mimibabe x

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thank you very much for all your advise it means such alot ,am starting on day 5 tomoz and hoping am in ketosis been geting on the scales everyday (no i shouldnt )and everynite and iam depressed looking like ive only lost about 2 /2 n half which isnt alot at all .Iam going try and stay away from them now till weigh in on friday morning
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I'm on Day 6 and trust me it does get easier. Splitting the 'middle of the day' shake into 2 portions has helped me. I make one up as mousse and the other as a shake. Fools me into thinking I'm getting more! You can do it!!


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Beware of weighing at home I weighed day 2 lost 7lb then on WI when I lost 8lb was a little disapoited at first so now only weigh at the chemist!! good luck!!
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i am back on lipotrim after doing it for 3 weeks last year and coming off it again! it does get better after a few days just stick with it and you will be fine once you are over the hump!
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hi hollie thanks for this for the past 2 days this is wot ive been doing and omg wot a diffrence they taste better and cause am not waiting as long till the nx one am enjoying drinking them .ive just had half of a vanilla one with a spoon of coffee in and a sweetner warmed up in microwave and was yummie tasted like amilky coffee .cant wait for friday now to see how ive done ,
good luck and keep going

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