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Just started lipotrim.I was very enthusiastic until i had my first shake-Vanilla which i didnt like!!
Ive done lighterlife before so i feel depressed with myself that im back doing meal replacements again.
Also in my starter pack (which i didnt look at in the pharmacy)Ive got 10 strawberries and the rest choc and vanilla.Is that correct?I was expecting soups and was not pleased to have 10 strawberry satchets.
Anyway im going to stay positive and take it a week at a time.
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you should have been given a variety when you went to the chemist - you can go back and swap whatever you don't like. Everyone has their own preferences so find out what works for you.

The shakes do taste a bit strange to start off with as you can really taste the minerals/vitamins - after a couple of days you don't notice - honest!


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I started Lipotrim today as well. Yeah it's nice to meet someone else who is also at the same stage as me. I've never done total food replacement diet before so i am wondering how i will do. But i am determined to do it.

I also had Vanilla first thing this morning. Weren't all that but it was doable. I'm not sure what you are meant to get in the starter pack my pharmacist asked me what i wanted. Because i was just starting out and wasnt sure of the taste i asked for a selection of all, so i got 6 soups, and 5 each of the milkshakes. When you go back ask for a selection or the ones you like.

Stay positive, like you i will take it one day/week at a time
yeah, you can take them back and change them - some people love the soup and some hate it. Try all the flavours before you decide. I quite liked the vanilla in the first week, its turning my stomach a bit now.
Thanks for all your quick replys!
I think the forums are going to really help me-once i work out how it all works.
I will go back to the pharmacy and swop some strawberries for soup!!:D

mrs bee

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HI and welcome to liptrim!! I am on my second week now!

How did you mix your shakes? I find that the best way with both vanilla and choc is to out them in the blender with the water add some ice cubes, sweetner and ½ tsp of instant coffee, they taste much nicer. alot of people reccomend adding peppermint tea to the choc one too, have not tried this yet but will be tonight! You do get used to the taste eventually and they aren't so bad!!

Good luck x
good luck on ur journeys.. it'll really be worth it and it does get easier..not easy mind..but easier :D by christmas we'll all look fantastic xx
hi, and welcome, you should be able to take back what you dont want and change them, lots of luck x
hi hun i hated the vanilla on its own i put it with coffee and loved it and miss it now im off it and to be honest i dont like coffee either. good luck on lipotrim and keep us updated, xxx


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Hi, i've started LT again today!!
i also had vanilla this morning. Whenever possible i have my shakes hot, vanilla and coffee with a sweetner heated up is my fave, choc shake heated or use cold pepermint tea instead of water!!
hope it helps
good luck.
sandie x
i am off later to get my 1st week's supply so pleased i read i can ask for what i want think i will try the soup but only 2-3 but looking forward to the choc & vanilla seem to be the fav ... any ideas what the bars are like ??
I've heard the flapjacks taste like a telephone directory really havent got any taste. My pharmacist said not to have them for the first 2 weeks, so i don't know if you will get any

i am off later to get my 1st week's supply so pleased i read i can ask for what i want think i will try the soup but only 2-3 but looking forward to the choc & vanilla seem to be the fav ... any ideas what the bars are like ??
the bars are only for a last resort in this house!!!

I've tried the peanut at the Madonna concert.............. took me a total of 4 hours to get the awful thing down me. Absolutely disgusting. Dry, bland......... I have not one good thing to say about it.

I have a coconut one in my drawer at the moment, but truly, its a last resort!!! In case of emergencies only lol.

But then......... some folks do like them a little............. (strange! lol)
I like the peanut flapjacks (sorry Jinnie but the coconut one is foul!). It's good to have something to chew for a change! I also like the soup and have it every night - maybe I'm just weird :D


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good luck, try and select your own choices of shakes, leave the flap jacks for now, till you are desperate to chew, as they can taste vile to some people.

also try adding coffee to the vanilla and peppermint tea to the choc one to make different flavours.


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Good luck Kathryn...Welcome aboard :):)


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you should be able to choose what flavours you have,i've tried them all,but decided after 2wks i only really liked the choc ones...so i order 21 chocs every wk... take some back if you really don't like them they should change them........good luck!!
Hi Kathryn

How have you found the other shakes today ?
i start tomorrow i got a mixture of all to try and was told any i dont like i could change of course un opened ...
hope your doing ok as all have said the 1st week is hard but after it you will be ok ( she says i have never done VLCD before )



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hi kathryn good luck :)
my first one was a vanila too..lol...i nearly threw up..it was so bad...i now have it with a spon of coffee, and with ice cold water!!!..now i love it... read lots of posts on here, loads of ideas...(well a few anyway)...good luck to all the newbies!!..keep us posted..:)

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