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Started LL Yesterday

Hi, I am on my 2nd day of the Lighter Life programme.I have had a awful headaches on and off today,Im really wanting to give this diet my all.I feel that weight Loss surgery would have been my only other option.I weighed in yesterday at 21st 2lbs.I hadnt weighed myself for a long while as the scales only went up to 19st.I am really struggling to drink so much water....give me diet coke anyday
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The Diet Guy
Hiya Bump!

Welcome to the best diet in the world! The mad world of the VLCD that is life changing stuff.

Make sure you keep that water going down as it makes you lose weight much quicker and I wish you so much luck as this is life changing stuff.

Good on yer!

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Hang on in there bumby - it gets easier.

After a few days when you are in ketosis the physical hunger pangs will subside & then with councelling you will able to deal with the emotional hunger.

Keep drinking that water - it is key to the success of the programme. Try setting yourself mini goals to drink minimum of 4 litres per day and that should make it a bit easier for you, you will pee for England at first, but again once your body gets used to the new regime it will all settle down and will become part of your normal daily routine.

Good luck & shout up if you are feeling low & need support, we are all here to keep you going!
Welcome Bumpybean! Stick with it, you will see results so quickly with this diet that it is worth it. The symptoms you are having will be gone very soon, probably before the end of the weekend, and then you will feel absolutely fantastic. I lost a stone and a half in my first 4 weeks, and feel great, so please keep going on this amazing journey with all of us. As others have said, just call out if you need support or advice- everyone here is sooooooo supportive!
Stayed focus and just take each day at a time. All the symptoms will soon be replaced with the euphoria of knowing that your body is changing for the better on a daily basis. Angela x
Hi bumpy! i've been doing lighter life for just over 4 weeks now and have lost 20lbs, and i know that's not as much as a lot of people lose in that time.. so LL really is a miracle worker. stick with it and it can be the easiest diet you've ever done. when i found out about it i thought it was too good to be true but i'm so glad i decided to follow it up. it's only just beginning to sink in that i can actually achieve slimness! I started at 20 stones and 1lb so not far off you. i too felt awful for the first 2-3 days, headaches and no energy but it WILL go. also the water did get easier for me after about a week, at first i found it harder than not eating.

Try keeping a journal of how you are feeling, it will help vent negative feelings and promote positive ones. thats what i've found anyway.

Congratulations on taking the first few steps! :clap:

Gemma x
Thank you all so much, its good hear that it can be done,and also to hear that the way I am feeling is normal.Ive been curled up on the sofa most of the day, except for the very frequent trips to the loo!! do you recommend that I start some form of exercise this week


The Diet Guy
Not for the first couple of weeks.

Then I would recommend walking, gentle swimming, pilates, yoga etc and other toning exercises.

Try and avoid cardio or high impact as you have got no sugar in your system to cope with it.



has started again!!
HI Bumpy! I started LL 4 weeks ago, at a similar weight to you. My first week I felt totally rubbish, almost flu like. It disappeared as quickly as it came, and then I began to feel much more positive!

I found the water tough going at first, but like others have said, it soon becomes a really good habit and I even miss it, if I inadvertently dont drink enough. (I do still pee a lot at night, and have to get up in the small hours most nights.)

I had my fourth week WI yesterday, and I have lost 26.6lbs, almost two stone in 28 days!! I could hardly beleive it myself! Its that that keeps me going at the mo.

I do get huge cravings, and I feel hunger, but the psycological kind not true hunger. I have shed tears of frustration and anger at myself, and loads of self pity. But those spells pass as quickly as they come, honest. I am now adept at food avoidence! I often have a deep bubble bath, or use a gorgeous Lush bath bomb to spoil myself. I have started knitting again after almost 12 years of not bothering and I have just bought myself a canvas and some paints!!

This forum is an absolute lifeline too! Stick with us here, and the new you will emerge quicker than you could possibly imagine!
Hi Bumpy B :)

As everybody has said, try and get through the first week one day at a time and the headache will go.

I have just started Week 2 and found my headache was better the more water I drank and also the hunger.

If you feel yourself slipping, log into the site or read somebodys BLOG. It has really helped me stay on the straight and narrow and believe me I have wanted to walk a wavy line from time to time ! :devilangel:

Take Care, and keep us posted on how you are getting on


Trainee Maintainer
Like everyone else has said, Bumpybean, it will get easier, and then the benefits will start becoming clear. You will have more energy (yes, it's true), you should sleep better.

It's boring but, yes, water is the key. You should be able to buy the LL water flavours. There are two flavours: lemon and summer fruit. I preferred the lemon and liked it served in hot water - a level teaspoon per pint. Also it is lovely with sparkling water (get the value stuff from Tesco or equivalent) - tastes like lemonade. Don't have real lemon in your water - it can take you out of ketosis. Ketosis is important because it brings with it NO APPETITE - and that is a wonderful freeing feeling. It also ensures that your body burns fat effectively.

Keep dipping into Minis for help or advice - soon you will be giving it to other newbies!

"...use a gorgeous Lush bath bomb..."

Sez - I've run out!!! Aaarrrgh! I will have to go to Glasgow again to stock up!


is happy being Yorkiegirl
Lots of great advice here. It does get easier. The headaches are awful the first couple of days, but I got through those by sleeping as much as I could! I drink the tesco value sparkling water, 17p for 2 litres, with the fruits of the forest flavouring. I had a major diet coke habit before doing LL, so I wanted something fizzy and flavoured. Fills the gap nicely!

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