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Started today and erm gagged all the way through it lol?


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is there any way i can stop this? i had the orange and chocolate bar for breccy and with every mouthful i just gagged i couldnt finish it all as i was nearly in the bathroom throwing up lol will i just get use to it or will i have to gag every time? not very glamorous but i suppose its a small price to pay for what i want aye?
any help will be very appreciated?
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Otherwise known as Jools
Hi Sarah,

Firstly well done on starting - you are on the way to a new exciting new body.

As for the bars/shakes etc they are a bit of accquired taste but believe they are one of the better tasting of the VLCD's around. If you think the Choc/Orange bar is awful then dont try the Lipotrim ones -they are like eating folded cardboard - but you do get used to them eventually.

Maybe it would have better to start with a shake - to which you can add tablet sweetners, coffee, mint tea etc to make them taste nicer.

Stick with it as it is worth the effort. Its hard and you will have side effects such as headaches - drink plenty of water, feeling cold - have lots of hot sweet decaff coffee, and boredom -but this will be counteracted by the increased energy you will have and most people end up with the cleanest house ever !! lol.

Come on here for many tips and advice or just for a moan - we have all been there and know exactly what you are going through.

Keep going and I promise you if you stick to it you will be amazed at the weigh ins.


Otherwise known as Jools
Tablet sweetners only - sometimes though you dont always need them. Its a case of trial and error. I added the sweetners to "change" the flavour slightly and I tend to use about 4 each time lol.


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oh rite ok then, i will have to grab some of those then just incase lol i knew this was going to be hard as i have always been a fussy eater so dont really like trying new tastes, but its got to be done! :)
Well done on getting started....wish u all the luck and strength in the world. First few days i gagged my way thru most things but i actually look forward to them now. Its amazing how quick your taste buds change. At the minute theyre probably screaming out for what theyre used to but you will adjust. I only have the shakes now cos the bars dont agree with me (altho im restarting the bars soon for a bit variety), but i remember my first taste at a bar and hating it....then a week later loving them! Its mad....but good luck, you'll get there xx
i have started today i found the same but with the mushroom soup, ate as much as i cld, i did like the choc and orange bar though, hoping the strawberry shake for supper is going to be ok
It's my 1st day too. I had the choc orange bar then tomato soup -wasn't so fussed on the soup. Think I need to add something to it for more flavour. Good luck xo


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I absolutely hated my first bar. It was Chocolate Orange and I think it smelt and tasted like lard. Now I love the bars but prefer the toffee and nut one.

It's amazing how what tastes disgusting on day 1 actually tastes gorgeous by day 5 haha


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i have had the veg soup for dinner, handled it better than the bar but still couldnt finish it as started to gag lol it sounds so silly, hopefully tomorrow is abit better :) good luck to everyone else xxx


Otherwise known as Jools
Stick with it Sarah, as people say you might actually get used to the taste/flavours. I quite like them all and have had no problems with any and in fact find the shakes a little bland if I dont add the sweetners.

You are doing fab - it wont be long before your weigh in and with luck you will be pleasantly surprised