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Started today...failure is not an option!!

I've been reading these diaries with awe and wonder over the last few weeks. They have motivated and inspired me to start my own CD journey, and if I can do half as well as some of the people on here I'll be so happy.
This diary is to keep me focused really, it might be a bit boring/rambling/uneventful at times, and noone may ever read it, but it's for me so it doesn't matter!
I have loved reading the successes of people like, Rumbly Tum, Awaken Me, Kes and White Tulip (whose diary is the most brave and motivating read) and I want to be able to look back and be proud of what I've done.
Anyway, I started CD today. I've got seven stone to lose, I'd like to say it was pregnancy weight, but my daughter is now five, so that's wearing a bit thin! Too many takeaways, too many carbs, and 5 stone in five years.
I've done every diet, but this time it's different. I don't know why but it just is!
Had a good day today, very busy at work (I'm a teacher) didn't notice the diet. However, had about 7 wees (TMI) due to all the water. I thought drinking all that water would be hard but I've been so thirsty all day.
I'm on SS, had porridge for breakfast, chocolate tetra for lunch and soup for dinner.
Day one done, looking forward to tomorrow!!:eek:
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Thank you both! Just going to bed to ignore my takeaway craving, but I'm lying here feeling so proud of myself.
I know it's just day one, but I haven't stuck to any diet for two years, and even then I lost five pounds and congratulated myself with several takeaways and a loaf of warburtons!
I really hope this time is it. Anyway, looking forward to day two; failure is not an option!
Ooh forgot my mini goals:
1. Get through first day and not die. Tick
2. Get to first weigh in having stuck to the plan 100%
3. Lose a stone before November 30th

That will do for now I reckon. Headache alert, going to sleeep.
Ha ha pink- your first goal is funny-my friend asked me how i was not dead if im not eating"
Anyway well done for starting your diary and very well done for finishing day 1!!
Glad to hear your first day went well! Not so glad to hear about your 7 wees hahaha that's the thing I'm most dreading when I start tomorrow. Everyone in the office will think I'm hiding something good in the ladies loos! Let us know how you get on :)


Slowly but surely x
i cant wait to follow your journey - im here for you and hope you will be there for me xx
LOL at you writing that you hope you get through today without dying!

my fave motto for CD? Dont go spending £40 a week on a diet for a little loss or a gain. Its an investment xx
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!!
Day two today, up early to take the dog out as usual. Bit of a headache, but can't wait to get on with the day.
Feels brilliant knowing I don't have to think about food, I know what my daughters having for tea already so I'm not thinking about food all day.
My dad died of a heart attack when I was 23, I'm now 30. Since then it's been looming over me that because I'm overweight that might happen to me too, and then my daughter would be left without her mum. For the first time I actually feel like I'm doing something about it. Feel so positive!!
Have a fab day everyone, we can do this!!!
Ace day today. I love my job, and it was a hectic but satisfying day.
Haven't felt too bad but massive headache!
Had a porridge disaster this morning, it exploded all over the microwave!! Oh well!!
Feel really positive still, which is weird because I normally can't stick to diets. But this time even though I'm craving food, I don't want it! I won't ruin this diet, or my chances of fitting in decent jeans!!!
hey Pink , I am on day 2 too :) glad you are doing well , once you get past day 1 , day 2 is a little eaiser and after the first week it totally flies by . It is the best diet i have ever done and I never ever thought I would be sat here a sat 14/16 and will be a 12 before I know it :)
I always say the most important thing in succeeding in this diet is positivity , which you seem to have :) see it as a positive change not a nasty diet and you will do sooo well :)

I for one will be following your diary , as we started at the same time it will be good to watch our progress :)

Glad you are keeping positive!! Sounds like you will do very well with the diet ( if you dont have any more porridge disasters ;) ). I am on day one and feeling good too but i know the worst is coming in the next couple of days.
Keep up the good work :)
Day 2 in the Cambridge diet house. 18.45pm!!
Well I've just made a gorgeous dinner for the family, and I ate my soup!
Feel awful, as in headachy and hungry, but not finding it hard to stick to if that makes sense? The pain is worth it!!
Thanks for your lovely message Katie! I've been following your story for a while, hope we can do well together!
Well done for day one Felix! It is getting a bit worse but it's going to be so worth it! Anyway, off for another pint of water ( joy), back laterxx
Ooh can't sleep! Don't know why, feel hungry, but not ravenous.
Needed a wee, for a change, but can't seem to get back to sleep!

Still can't believe I've done two days, dont get weighed until next Wednesday even though I started on Monday. Although I'm
Going to see CDC tonight to see if I'm in ketosis and to get some more packs. She said she would weigh me, but I'm going to wait until next week so hopefully the loss will be bigger, although it is totm, euggh.

Everyone is being so supportive! My ex, who is my daughters dad, and my best friend (complicated!) keeps sending me lovely messages, and talking about 'when your thin' not IF I'm thin. My CDC messages me everyday which is lovely. I need that, glad I've found a supportive one, reading some of the threads some cdcs don't seem to be too great.
Well, up in an hour and a half so going to try sleep again.
Failure is not an option!
good morning :) you sound like you have a great CDC , I am seeing a different one his time , my old one was just interested in weighing and selling me my packs ... whenever I tried to talk about the diet or any problems she didnt want to know !!
I havent seen my new one yet as I had a weeks worth of packs left so using them up , but she has text me twice already to see how I am going , so very happy that I changed :)

Today can be one of the toughest days , I have a bit of a headache and feel a bit bleugh .. the novelty of the diet is wearng off .. but ketosis is not quite here .. so its when a lot of people struggle ... make it through today and hopefully we will be flying :)

Good luck for today xxx
Thanks for your message Katie, do feel awful to day! But as luck would have it (which sounds bad) my daughter had to come home from school ill, so instead of being at work I'm snuggled on the sofa! Glad your cdc is better this time.Looking forward to ketosis, hope it starts soon!
Still not tempted to eat food, and shocked at how much food there is left in the house now I'm not eating it!! Bread doesn't normally last in this house! Not eating daughters leftovers last night was hard!
However day 3 and doing well!xx
wish I could have a nap !! I am feeling terrible today , weak and shakey and cold .. BUT my breath is starting to wiffle a bit and I am getting colder ... so I am totally sure ketosis will be with me in the morning :) I sure hope so as I am working tomorrow afternoon and will be useless if i feel like this !!!
Just been to see my CDC, not in ketosis yet, hopefully tomorrow though!
Feel really tired, early night me thinks.
Thanks felix, how are you going? Good I hope?
Katie, just saw how much weight you've lost, can't see profiles on my phone so went on computer, wow! You've done so well!!xx

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