Started today. I need a buddy!!!


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Hey all just started Atkins after being on Cambridge for 3 weeks. Ive lost a stone and a half. I've got another stone to go which I'm hoping to achieve by the end of feb. I really need a buddy to keep me motivated and give me a little encouragement.
Plzz plzz help!!! xxxxxxxxxx
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Hi Rosebud & welcome... you'll find that you'll ned up with lots of buddies over here. Everyone is very friendly & welcoming!!

Enjoy eating again!! x


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Welcome Rosebud, you've made a good choice with Atkins and the support you get here on the forum is great. All the best!


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Hello and welcome Yes its lovely here and not too big so its easy to get to know everyone. I started last Wednesday and have about 2.5 stone to go.


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Hi Rosebud,
I would love to be ur buddy, been doing calorie counting and been looking into Atkins, which sounds fab...i need to lose at least 2 stone by April, as I hav gt my daughters christening!!


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Hi, I've just found the website and joined too. I was a lighter life returner, have done three weeks and lost 10lbs, now aim to follow Atkins, eat real food and try not to overeat while I lose the final stone in time for my daughter's wedding in October. More worrying a beach holiday in March! Should keep the motivation going! Good luck to everyone!


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Hi people, lot's of new and returners here, welcome all.


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Hello newbies. :D we are all buddies on here!


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thats the best thing. The food is fab!
Warm welcome to all newbies and returners. Yes, we are all buddies here, and all enjoying good yummy healthy food!

Good luck everyone x