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started today


love my family
hello all iv started today iv done the atkins once before and was doing really well and then my mum passed away
so here i am again 6years on on now heavier and holiday in 6 weeks.
im hoping to lose 2 stone by then do you think this will be possible ?
iv got alot to lose so here goes :)
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good luck, you wont know unless you try! x


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Best of luck, if you stick with it, you'll lose a good amount in 6 weeks without being hungry too!
Hi Linda and welcome to the boards love. It is possible, but I don't think you have enough to lose to lose that much in so short a time. Atkins isn't really a quick fix, more a life times commitment.
thanks all iv just ordered a copy of the new book as its changed abit also has anyone got a copie of the recipe book if so is it worth buying ? also got my ketostix do many people use these ?


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I havent used the recipe book - ive just found lots of recipes on here :D i used to use the ketostix but i havent used them for weeks x
Good luck with this, we both started yesterday :) I'm finding it ridiculously easy so far which makes me a bit worried that I'm doing it wrong, but my book came today so gonna plow through that now ;)


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as long as you are counting your carbs to be 20 and making sure you are counting every one you wil be fine :D oh and make sure the carbs are from your greens and salad x
Hi and good luck,
I did this diet years ago without a book. I was just told to keep my carbs below 20g a day. I found my own recipes like homemade meatloaf and burgers with cheese, fried onions and tomatoes etc, delicious omellettes, chicken tikka and soured cream, fajitas with lettuce leaves instead of flour tortillas - loads of great food. The weight just fell off me and I never have felt healthier in my life. I'm starting again too and I've about 4 stone to lose. Here's hoping.
Hi Broxi, sounds good to me love.

May I ask a question? if you did so well, why did you go off it and gain the weight back. I ask this because I know so many who have done the same.
well i hopped on my wii fit today to see if its working and 4lb since monday:D:D
wow so happy cant wait for weigh in on monday hope its good
and when i say hopped it was more like struggled on wii just to weigh my self al i pulled something in my lower back yeasterday and no cant move without a lot of pain even sitting hurts so exercise is a big no no at the mo :sigh:

hi broxi im sure you will be fine seeing you did so well last time at least were all in the same boat and are on our way to shore ;)
Ouch! that doesn't sound nice at all, I hope you get better as the day goes on.
ah well, take it easy then if you can love.