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  1. MrsW14

    MrsW14 Member

    Hi all,

    Started my Lipotrim I am 11st 0.5lbs and hope to get down to at least 10st in the coming two weeks, if I am able to follow this through.
    When making the hot drinks with coffee, how do I make it up does anyone know?

    Thanks, Mrs W
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  3. DOK

    DOK Member

    Lipotrim TFR
    I it's best to use an electric blender. Not a big fan of the shakes hot. I prefer to have vanilla with coffee and lots of ice - which is really quite tasty. The soup is ok if you load it with pepper and its definitely nice to get something hot every once in a while. I tried my first flapjack today - GROSS! Lol. Weighed in and another 3 1/2 lb off. That's 15 1/2 in total over three weeks. 2 more weeks on TFR (if I can stick it out) then refeed and then going to try a few weeks maintenance before I go to a healthy eating regime. That should get me down to my lowest weight in years. BMI is one off being in healthy zone- which means I'm just a little overweight at this point. Hurrah!
  4. MrsW14

    MrsW14 Member

    You really are doing great, I doubt I will do 3 weeks, if I manage two I'll be doing well....I'm on day 3 and this is the first time I'm not feeling great, feel light headed this morning, something which I havent done previously, hoping it will pass as the other two days I was fine. Yeah the coffee mixed with the vanilla is quite tasty and the only way I can take the vanilla one but the chocolate one is nice enough. I was told I wasnt allowed to have a flapjack until the 2nd week, was kinda looking forward to chewing on something but going on your "Gross" reply I might leave it now :)
  5. DOK

    DOK Member

    Lipotrim TFR
    Have now had 3 flapjacks and can say that I can now eat one without feeling ill. In fact with a cup of tea it was almost ( but not quite) enjoyable. I take one to work as lunch. People think I'm eating a normal cookie. I don't advertise that I'm doing this diet, although my family know. Raging this morning when I weighed 2.4lb heavier than yesterday!!!!!! Now that is demotivating! Toying with reseeding next week, but will decide closer to the time as I'd like to give it a go for a bit longer. Would LOVE a glass of red wine!
  6. HayleyOakley

    HayleyOakley New Member

    Hi Starting Lipotrim today:
    current weight: 12st 6
    target weight: 11st (as a first goal)

    Second timer on lipotrim- I love it after day 3/4 you will not feel hungry, I then lost an average of a 1&1/2 pounds a day, I lost 10lbs in my first week before . I have maintained and even lost another 4lbs.

    Off on holiday 1st Oct 14 so would like to be at my first goal target- I wish you all well xxx
  7. HayleyOakley

    HayleyOakley New Member

    DOK don't give up- remember why you started- it's all worth it in the end- if it was easy everyone would do it- you can do this- top up on water- the more you drink the more you will loose :)
  8. DOK

    DOK Member

    Lipotrim TFR
    Still sticking it out. But still finding it hard. I'm on day 25. Not hungry, just want to sit and have a meal, but I won't succumb!!!!!! I'm back at work after summer break and energy levels are low. But clothes looking good on me now so that's what I'll focus on. Staying positive Hayley (for now)
  9. MrsW14

    MrsW14 Member

    Hi Guys,

    Been flat out so only getting to update you all.
    In the week on Lipotrim, I have lost a total of 6lbs. Im happy with the loss but it would have been a bonus if there had to have been another few pounds along with it as alot of people talk about having a 9lb loss in their first week but obviously my body is perhaps different to others. I followed the diet 100%. I am going to continue the rest of this week & am looking forward to getting out to do a walk as well. I have to start my re-feed on monday as I have a prior engagement on the saturday and need to be able to eat normally on that day but am going to join a local slimming world class to maintain and keep the weight down.
    Everyone on this site who takes on the Lipotim challenge are absolutely fabulous and i commend each one of you for it is def not easy!

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