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startin afresh from 2mro.....

hi everyone:sign0144:

well im back AGAIN lol iv done sw successfully before and for the past 3 yrs iv varied between sw and ww, theres pros and cons with them both4 me, but when i sit and think about it sw is more suited4 me as i am a big eater.. also with ww i tend to eat quite a bit of rubbish, but with sw because fruit etc is free i no i wud reach4 that before crisps n choc.. theres nothin i luv more than bein able to sit down with big bowl sw chips :eating: at any time day r nite and not feel guilty bout it! i adore potatoes... so hopin this time i can do it, i will be weighin myself every mon as money is tight at min... i have lost 5lbs already so thats a start for me..heres2 hopin to lose alot more :)
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Good luck with it Christie!
You can't beat sw chips mmmmm
You sound just like me, I start WW because I miss having so many treats and being able to use points on anything, but then I miss SW as I have a big appetite and am often hungry when I do WW.
Whichever one I start first , after a week or so I convince myself the other diet is better.
Of course they both work when you stick to them, its more a case of deciding honestly which one fits your lifestyle and preferences best, so there is more chance of sticking to it. - easer said than done I know.
For me I eat things I like on WW, but like you if the choice is between crisps or a banana, the crisps win, which can't be good. (no wonder I was hungry)
You have made a great start, I'm starting tomorrow too, best of luck with it!
oh my god ur soooo like me :) glad2 c im not alone :)wen i think about it il be full on sw and able to make healthier choices with the likes of fruit etc bein free on sw :) are u restartin ww?x


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That's what I didnt like about ww. The fact that fruit wasnt free and then I used to hate using points on it because i would much prefer a pack of crisps. Eeek not good x
Hi Christie, I am a restarter too - like you I have a big appetite so SW suits me so much better. I would end up having to go to bed at midday if I did WW because I had used all my points :eatdrink023:xxx
I'm starting SW. I have decided that if I am being realistic, because I know I have a big appetite and eat healthier, it will be the best plan for me.
Also there are loads of things I really enjoy on SW, like SW chips, beans and egg, and its great not having to weigh it all first!;)
Good luck Christie, you can do it :)

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