From 'Obese' to 'Overweight' to 'Healthy'! :)

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  1. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    Hi all,

    So I started SW on 18.03.14 after a few too many years being unhappy with my weight and I have to say it has to be one of the easiest diets around!
    I never had the mental strength for Slimfast or Celebslim diets, I tried my hand at WW and did lose a stone, but that soon got boring and once again I fell off the wagon :break_diet:

    I heard so many success stories with SW that I decided to give it a go.
    I'm doing it from home because the classes just don't work for me. I have the Food Optimising book which a friend gave to me, as she has successfully reached and maintained her weight throughSW, and I swear I treat it like a bible!!

    I also joined Minimins which is great! I love reading different threads, the meal ideas and support is just amazing on here!

    So far I've lost 1 stone and half a pound which is fantastic and only makes me all the more eager to shed the rest and be slim and happy!
    I've another stone and 4.5 pounds to go, so here's hoping I can stick at it :angeldevil:

    So I decided to write a diary, just to keep track of my every day eating, hopefully it will decrease the amount of overindulgences I tend to have! :party0051:
    Good luck to you all with your goals! :cross::wavey:
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  3. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    2 slices wm toast (hexb) w/ r.f. butter (4 syns)
    Scrambled egg
    Tea w/ sk milk
    4 syns total

    Cajun chicken salad w/ balsamic
    Peppermint tea
    0 syns

    Chicken, leek and pea risotto w/ leftover salad from lunch

    Probably spend my remaining syns on some Oaties later with a cup of tea ;):D

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  4. snowflakes

    snowflakes Full Member

    Congrats on the weight loss so far! I've heard loads of great things about SW, one of my friends has lost nearly 2 stone in 3 months. If I can't get my act together on my own I definitely think I'm going to give it a try. Your food sounds delicious - do you have a recipe for the risotto?
  5. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

  6. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

  7. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    Eek, I must not be allowed post links.. :rolleyes:
    1 onion chopped
    1 leek chopped
    1 celery stick chopped
    Fry lite
    10 oz arborio rice
    2 pints chicken stock
    8 oz frozen peas
    10 oz chicken - cooked

    Cook onion, celery and leek in frylite until soft - 15 mins approx
    Add rice and stir in hot chicken stock.
    Once stock has been absorbed add peas and chicken and leave to simmer for 20 mins

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  8. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    2 slices wm toast, boiled egg. R.f. butter (4 syns)
    Tea w/ sk milk (0.5 syns)

    Leftover chicken & leek risotto with huge salad
    Peppermint tea

    Burgers made with EL beef mince, onions and babybel cheese (hexa) served in a lettuce 'bun', some baked baby potatoes and side salad

    I can't wait for dinner! :D:D:D

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  9. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    Porridge (hexb) w/ sk milk (hexa), banana, honey & cinnamon
    Tea w/ sk milk (hexa)
    1 syn

    Chicken & leek risotto w/ side salad
    Melon w/ fat free yogurt
    Tea w/ sk milk (hexa)

    Babybel burgers w/ baked baby potatoes & side salad
    Garlic mayo made w/ EL mayo
    Chocolate mousse made w/ ff quark, ff fromage frais & 1 sachet options orange chocolate w/ orange segments
    5 syns total


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  10. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    Yeeeeesh! So, fell off the wagon a little over that last few days, no real damage, maintained weight so not to upset :)

    Have the flu now too, so missed breakfast (slept til 12!)... so:

    2 slices wm toast (hexb)
    Mixed leaves
    Light Philadelphia Garlic & Herbs (hexa)

    Cajun Chicken breast
    Mixed peppers and onions steamed
    Mixed leaves
    Green beans
    Corn on the cob
    Egg mayo - made with one egg, lighter than light mayo, paprika (2 syns)
    Baked baby boiled potatoes

    Sweet potato cookies (Absolutely amazing! ):D:D
  11. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    I love salad weather! Makes healthy eating so much easier :thumbup::thumbup:

    Fat free yogurt, banana and mango

    Big salad (2/3 of the plate), 5 slices of wafer thin ham and a mini wholemeal european wrap spread with Philadelphia Light Chives (hexa)
    Wrap is 60g so assuming it's OK as a hexb! :confused:

    Another big salad but this time with chicken breast wrapped in bacon and spinach.

    Happy Friday everyone :D:D

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  12. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    BBQ day tomorrow so trying to keep syns within 15, might have to flexi syn though! Cakes will be involved :eek:

    Have 2 types of chicken kebabs, 500g of each:

    Lebanese style marinade:
    6 tbsp greek yogurt
    Lemon juice and zest
    1 tsp Paprika
    1 tsp Ginger powder
    2 tbsp apple cider
    2 tbsp ground white pepper
    1 tsp Thyme
    2 tbsp tomato paste
    4 cloves garlic
    0 syns

    Sweet and spicy marinade:
    25ml diet coke
    4 tbsp soy sauce
    4 tsps honey
    2 tsps grated ginger root
    2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
    1 tsp chilli powder
    1 jalapeño sliced
    2 tsps cider vinegar
    (4 syns for whole mixture)

    Got some burgers too which are 10% fat, 5 syns each, and some lean steaks with fat trimmed off.

    Also making some potato salad with red onion and EL mayo from.Aldi which is 11 cals per tbsp so 1 syn per tsp (I hope!)
    Egg mayo made with EL mayo and paprika
    Have a large mixed salad also, planning to eat lots of it!
    Also have some light Philadelphia with Garlic & Herbs (hexa) so will use that as a dip, and a 60g wm wrap (hexb).
    Gonna try steer clear of a burger bun but they're 6.5 syns if I cave!

    The hardest part is, I also made some Reese's Pieces cupcakes and some red velvet cupcakes which are about a million (slight exaggeration!) syns each! Not a huge cake lover anyways so maybe one of each ;)

    Everyone is teetotal atm in preparation for summer so at least that temptation is not there :p

    Going to keep breakfast and lunch syn free..

    Breakfast will be fat free yog with banana and orange.

    Lunch will be a 2 egg omelette with a dash skim milk, bacon, onions, tomato and mushrooms.

    Preparation seems to be key in this situation! Here's hoping damage is minimum :):)

    Enjoy the weekend :D

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  13. WasMicci

    WasMicci Silver Member

    Your weight loss is impressive. I am so glad you found minimins as doing it totally alone can be hard but the support here is wonderful.
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  14. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    Oh thank you :)
    Yeah it's good to hear about other peoples journeys and successes , keeps the motivation going :D:p

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  15. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    So yesterday was bbq day.. so lucky I made SW friendly food, because there was wine in the end :rolleyes:

    Bit of a blow out, hopefully no major damage.. back on it now for the next 2 days til WI :thumbup::)

    I'm a bit confused over the flexi-synning, I read one place that you should build up syns for a blow out, and then read you should have your 'cheat day' and then just get back on it. I've done a little of both haha :p

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  16. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    Going to try a red day today, just because I've just stuck to EE so far..

    Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with a dash of skim milk (hexa), 2 large mushrooms grilled, 2 tomatoes grilled, 2 bacon medallions (no fat), scallion and a wm pitta bread (2x hexb)
    Tea with dash skim milk (hexa)

    Banana, pineapple and satsuma in ff natural yogurt

    Dinner: Chicken (no skin or fat) with mixed salad leaves, spinach, tomatoes, scallions, cucumber 50g feta (hexa) and corn on the cob

    I hope that's within the red day limits :what::p
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  17. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    Got crazy hungry last night around 9pm and I normally don't, or at least try very hard, not to eat after 7pm (it worked for Jimmy Carr!)
    So I had a bowl of banana, satsuma, ff yogurt and quark mousse AND 2 crackers with chive philly, wafer thin ham, tomato and scallion - it did the trick lol!

    Today I had some fruit and yog for breakfast.

    For lunch I made pizza using a 60g wm Mediterranean wrap for a base
    Homemade tomato and basil sauce
    Corn, mushrooms, onions, ham, tomato, pineapple and 20g feta (1/2 hexa)

    For dinner, I'll decide when I get home but most likely potato salad mad with EL mayo, large veggie salad and some chicken

    Getting my hair done now :thumbup:
    Happy Monday :D
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  18. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    Soooo happy this morning to see a loss of 4lbs! Sts last week and it's so irritating, which I know is silly because at least it's not a gain..

    This morning had a 2 egg omelette with 28g cheddar, mushrooms, tomato and onion and 500ml green tea..

    For lunch will have a pizza same as yesterday (so satisfying!)

    And for dinner, there's lean mince or chicken there so either a burger with salad or cajun chicken.. might have some gnocchi too with some syn free pasta sauce, 2 syns for 100g and it's so tasty and filling!

    Hexa: 28g cheddar
    Hexb: 60g wm Mediterranean wrap
    Syns: 25g feta (3), 100g gnocchi (2), might blow the rest on something nice :)

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  19. snowflakes

    snowflakes Full Member

    Congrats on 4 lbs in one week, that's great! (assuming that's just your body co-operating and you're not over doing things)
    That pizza sounds amazing, and thank you for posting the recipe for the risotto, I'm definitely going to try it. :D
  20. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    Thanks snowflakes! Def not over doing it, I live for my 15 syns :) hope you're seeing losses too :):thumbup:

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  21. Chubbywitch

    Chubbywitch Full Member

    Whoooohoooo my bmi is teetering on the healthy edge! Honestly it was such a shock to have unknowingly been in the 'obese' range:confused:

    HexA: 1 x Babybel light & 25g feta (prob breaking rules here lol)
    HexB: 1 slice wm bread
    Syns: Tsp butter (2), curry sauce (5), Philadelphia (0.5), EL mayo (0.5)

    Anyways, for breakfast today:
    Beans on 1 slice wm toast with 1 tsp butter
    Banana and satsuma with fat free yog
    Tea with sk milk

    Curried wholegrain rice with vegetables
    Frozen yogurt and mango

    Loads of salad, feta cheese, carrot sticks with a tbsp Philadelphia Light, tbsp EL mayo, babybel burger made with EL mince

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