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Starting 26th Sept

It's going well so far.. haven't had any packs yet but I don't normally do breakfast anyway... but had 1.5 litres of water...

Trying to fill up on water

Had the shock of my weighin this morning and did my measurement s and pics

I'm looking at it in 4 blocks of 2 stones
That's an amazing weight loss, and the good thing is most of what you losing now will be pure fat unlike other diets...

I am gonn try and take each day as it comes as well... but I also need to remember what my goal is... and how far I've come rather than always look at how far we got to go xx
S: 21st5.0lb C: 21st5.0lb G: 12st6.0lb BMI: 44.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
How you doing? Saw from the beginning of the thread you were successful on Cambridge. I too did Cambridge in the past and on the 1st occasion lost just under 9 stone in 8 month. But alas piled it on again. Ive been trying Exante for a few months but keep slipping up and binge eating then kicking myself which clearly doesn't help. I know you need a positive mental attidude any tips on getting into the right mindset?

I'm doing really good so far, I loved the success on Cambridge but I don't think the consultants are really trained to help with emotional eating. So when you come off it and have bad eating habits you just go back into it.

I've eaten myself silly last few months due to other pressures and now it's time to take a bit of control.

My advice for you would be to do exante for a 2/3 weeks and then have a day off. Where you don't eat during the day but carb up in the night. Just make sure you training/gym that week as well.

Then once that is done you could have a carb up every 10 or so days.

I've know people who very successful on a solution called carb night and that follows that principle.

This might help you get right mind set as you have a day off to look forward to? Just make sure it is only a day.

I'm also doing intermittent fasting along with this, so I'm only eating in a small window during the day. This will also help, as you body will release more growth hormone which is good for fat burning.

If you on kik give me your user name it be easier to explain on there x
S: 21st5.0lb C: 21st5.0lb G: 12st6.0lb BMI: 44.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hiya and good evening. Thanks for the post. I do agree re Cambridge but i became quite friendly with my consultant so any failure to keep the weight off was down to me im afraid.

Not too sure whether i could do the carb up as i think i may struggle with the " just one evening rule".
I think i may have watched a program which featured the intermittent fasting. Is it something to do with only eating between 2pm and 6pm or something like that?
Im not on Kiks or any other chat app im afraid i guess i must be old fashioned.

When on Ss or Ts i never feel hungry after the first 4 days or so...its those emotional mind slips that are my issue and then the good old excuse of ive blown it now might as well have x y and z and everything in between !

I find especially when working i forget to drink the water and have a shake so thats probably not good. Ive even got a water app. But when busy just think i will get a drink in a mo and then forget again.

I actually like exante better than Cambridge. Not least cos its way cheaper but also the selection of flavours and meals. Dont know about you when i first had an exante shake i thought yuk theres no flavour. But you just get used to them after a bit and now i quite like them. So you'd think id find it easy to stick to......not a chance lol.

Hope you do well with it - as for me i will just keep trying until eventually something will click in my thick skull and then i will be able to stay focused. X

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