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Starting 2moro


Is determined this time..


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Pisces, Good luck with your start today, drink lots of water and keep yourself distracted!

Hope you have a great week!

Hi Pisces,
just wanted to say good luck for today, i'm at day 5 now and it really is worth sticking to, the first few days were alittle uncomforable but now im jumping out of bed in the morning and can already see some changes in my shape.
Hope to hear from you soon


Strong women stay slim
Welcome and happy slimming ! i'm starting also CD today
welcome, and good luck to everyone starting!


Is determined this time..
thanks girls, first day nearly over ..friend also started but finished already ..so its just me and all of u hahaha!
Really glad i found this site !!XXX


Trying to stay healthy!
well done on getting through day 1, it does get easier just stick with it hun and you'll be on your way in no time xx
just think of summer!
No more praying for cold days so you can wear baggy jumpers and your coat.
No more sore, chaffing thighs.
No more red face, or sweating frogs!

Well done for getting this far!
Be proud of you! xx


Is determined this time..
I'm still going strong ...day 6 nearly over :)


Loves Porridge
Hi Pisces

Well done for staying strong and doesn't it feel great to think we've almost done our first week. I too started on 2nd Jan

Keep posting its great fun and the support is outstanding

Do you get weighed on Friday?? My cdc can't see me then so I am going on 12th Instead so I'll be 11 days in should be a fab loss!

Let me know how your getting on
Good luck....... I'm only a day ahead of you, almost finished day 2. As someone else said, just keep as busy as you can - its the boredom thats a killer!!!!!
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Is determined this time..
Ah super we started on the same day ;) oohh i feel great already i really do!! not having any bad side effects yet , apart from the bad breath :( ..My cdc lives across the county so it will be 2 weeks on it b4 i get weighted, hubby caught me on the scales after 2 days and took the battery out hahaha..i'm glad i'd of been sleeping on the thing ...best of luck 2 u aswell ;)XXXX
I haven't noticed the bad breath....... yet, altho have had a headache today - that might be something to do with bumping my head on the drive when I slipped over on the ice this morning!!

I have to admit, I did jump on the scales this morning and they're going down. Here's to a healthier and happier 2009 x


Loves Porridge
Morning Ladies

your hubby did the right thing :8855:I'm a scale hopper and it's not doing me any good they say I've stayed the same this morning which if I was feeling fed up could make me run to the fridge :8855: think I'll have to hide them or put them on the top shelf so I can't reach them!!

Bonzo I hope your head is OK today this weather is mad!!

Well heres to a great day keep busy i'll be about later - take care :D
Head is much better today thanks....... the bump has almost gone!!!

Have to say I'm a scale hopper, just once a day tho. I think for me keeping a check on how I'm doing keeps me motivated........ and I need all the motivation I can get!!!!
i would be a scale hopper but mine are allways wrong so now i am avoiding them like the plague!! There batteries are due to run out soon so i will be glad when they do!
Its hard not to weigh yourself isnt it i am only on day two and i really want to know if i have lost anything when in reality i know it wont happen that quick!
My husband treated me to some new scales before I started. I'm doing this from the USA and I don't have a CDC so the only advice and encouragement I get from is here...... and from my hubby and kids of course!!

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