Starting a diary in an attempt to motivate myself


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Hi Everyone

I started CD on 4th November. I lost 17 pounds in November, 3 pounds in December (Christmas) and 5 pounds in January (birthday). I have 5 pounds to go until I reach the top of my healthy weight. After reaching that I would like to get to 9 stones 4 pounds (the middle of my healthy weight range). Then I'll have a think because I might like to get to 8 stones 10 pounds. This is psychological because then i know that I'll say to myself that I don't want to go over 9 stones whereas otherwise I'll say that I don't want to go over 10 stones.

I'm single (my husband of 26 years left me and went off with another woman and so it's been a very difficult few years), I have three beautiful children, I have loads of hobbies and interests, and I have a great (but tough) job.

This is my second attemt at starting a new thread because I lost the first one grrr.
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Thanks for your kind words Kazz.

Oh well i've had a good day (dietwise) today.

I'm doing 790. It's much easier than SS I must say. I'd like to be about a stone lighter by the end of Feb.
I am thinking of doing 790, but not sure yet!!

You will defiantely be a stone down by the end of feb if you stick to it properly!!

Seems like you have a lot going on....This is why I love CD, cos for me, when other things are beyond my control at least my diet is within my control!! Well, when I'm being good that is!!

Keep on doing it right and have a look at the gallery for some inspirational pics if you feel yourself wavering!
Hi Kazz

Yes I do have a lot going on. And CD is so easy.

As for the 790 I have lost weight on it and I like it better than SS which I did for 2 months until a BMI of 27.

I've made some changes today. I have my breakfast and lunch as CD. I ususally have an evening meal of chicken and veg or fish. Occassionally I have salad. But it's the milk that's been a problem. I have been drinking half a pint of skimmed milk. It has about 90 cals. This week I'm going to have a low fat yoghurt or actimel drink instead. I thought that might be more interesting.

I'm thinking of going on to 1000 cal next week (that's if I have a BMI of less than 25).

Take care.
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Well, I'm still here. I seem to be finding 790 quite difficult.

My BMI is 25.5 and so I am close to being "healthy". I think it's probably correct what I've read here....motivation is so dificult when you're feeling better about yourself.

However, I'm trying and trying despite eating more than 790 today. It's more like 1000 for me today. Still I should lose weight still on that. Finger's crossed!
Hi mojo

Good idea to keep a diary to help keep you focussed.

You will lose weight on 1000 because it is still a low calorie diet, I lost my last almost half stone going up through the maintenance plans and took about 10 days to lose the last pound by which point I was doing 1500.

You're practically in the healthy BMI range and so your losses will slow down now, but will still continue. It is harder to be motivated at this point, but keep going and get to your goal, it's a wonderful feeling.

All the best
Thank you for the encoragement Madam Dotty. I have to admit I am begining to feel quite hungry and am finding it more and more difficult to stick with 790. My BMI is now 25.1 (yipeeeee) so I think I'll be on 1000 pretty soon.

I do like the CD sachets though. But I'm looking forward to having some proper breakfast...porrige. I'm also looking forward to some pitta bread with Tuna.

The weight loss on 790 is very good. I'll let you know how it goes on 1000.